Xiaomi Mi 6 to introduce faster connectivity of 5G

Gear up for the flagship smartphone from Xiaomi in the following year, Xiaomi Mi 6 which promises to encompass the coolest features along with enhanced connectivity of 5G. Specifications like 8 GB RAM and a massive storage of 256 GB will be the main highlight for Xiaomi Mi 6.

Xiaomi has been a trend-setter in revolutionizing the smartphone industry. Lately, with the current releases, Xiaomi has raised the standards and Xiaomi Mi 6 looks forward to keep up the same rapport. With an AMOLED display of 5.5 inches and a resolution of 4096 X 2190 pixels (~600 ppi), the smartphone will integrate Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 chip. The phone will also have a rear camera of 23MP and a front facing camera of 7MP.

Xiaomi Mi 6

The connectivity of the phone will include fast internet connection, introducing 5G technology. With a battery support for 2450 mAh and the feature of wireless charging, the phone targets to eliminate the problem of charging your phone periodically. Wireless charging will charge your phone upto 30 % in just 20 minutes and up to 50% in 30 minutes, by placing it on the charging mat. The price of the smartphone will be close to $450 (₹30K-₹33K). Expected release date of the phone is February 2017 most probably at the MWC 2017 event.