WWE 2K18 set to hit the market with better features

WWE is perhaps one of the most famous sports entertainment programs on the planet with hundreds and thousands of fan followings and there is no doubt in the fact that the much-acclaimed video game version of the wrestling entertainment sport is a huge hit among WWE enthusiasts. It has been a fair deal of time since the first WWE video game was rolled out for PCs and consoles and since then, gaming has come a long way.

WWE 2k18, which is slated to be the sequel of the hugely popular WWE 2k17 game developed by Yuke’s and Visual Concepts and published by 2KSports, is perhaps the hottest topic of discussion among fans of the professional wrestling game. Even though it is surely going to be a pretty long wait before the game is actually rolled out, the fact that WWE 2k17 will have a sequel is unprecedented. Now since there have just been minor tidbits regarding what the upcoming game is poised to offer, fans have not abstained from putting together a wish list of all major changes they want to see from the previous iteration of the game. And to be quite frank, the list is extensive considering that there is no end to which the professional wrestling video game can be further improved.

WWE 2K18

The gaming industry has come a long way and with the latest technological advancements being rolled out every day, the industry is going in going in no other direction but North. WWE 2K17, though popular met with quite a number of complaints especially pertaining to the in-game graphics. Looking at the rest of the big games being rolled out in the same timeline, it is quite clear that 2K’s professional wrestling video game has lagged behind its competitors from other gaming genres by quite some distance and that is one huge scope of improvement in the upcoming WWE 2k18. Many gaming enthusiasts have opened up to the idea of a possible Frostbite-engine incorporation in the upcoming iteration from 2K given the success the graphics engine had provided in the recently rolled out FIFA 17 by EA Sports. Furthermore, gamers have also expressed grievances over how the Wrestling superstars barely look similar to their real-life counterparts and that is definitely one area, the game developers will be looking to improve on in WWE 2K18.

There have also been issues pertaining to the gameplay in WWE 2K17 with a number of unorthodox but existing match types not available for playing in the current version of the game. Some of these include  I Quit, Tag Team Ladder, TLC & Table, Inferno, Special Referee and 40-Man Royal Rumble which are considerably popular match types and it is an earnest hope of fans that these would feature exclusively in WWE 2K18.

WWE 2K18 will definitely make an appearance in 2017 but details as to when 2K Sports decide to launch the game is still sketchy of yet. There have been talks regarding the fact that the game might head for a Spring 2017 demo launch post which the developers will make the full version of the game available to WWE enthusiasts.