Word Lens – A Smart Way To Travel Without Pocket Dictionary

Foreign tours and travels come with the baggage of learning the fundamentals of the local language. With the advancement of technology, you can keep that baggage at home as the application Word Lens provides the smartest way to travel abroad. The application was initially built by Quest Digital. Though the application was free, but a purchase of language pack worth $5 made it of any use. The app was later attained by Google and made it available on Android, Google Glass and iPhone which made it free of cost.

Word Lens - A Smart Way To Travel Without Pocket Dictionary (2)

Word Lens – Follow The Steps To Use The App:

  • You need to start the app on your Android device.
  • Choose the language translation that you are looking for.
  • Use your camera to point to any text typed and see the translated text on your device.

The app takes fractions of seconds to translate the text into your required language. In the camera icon of your phone, Spanish to English translation is set at default. You can hit the section of languages at the top of the screen and you can access multiple ranges of languages as per your requirements. You can even save the picture for further use by snapping a shot of the translated image.

Word Lens - A Smart Way To Travel Without Pocket Dictionary

The biggest advantage of the application is that the application doesn’t need to be synced with any cloud device or technology. You can use the application without any internet facility. All you need to have is enough charge on your device to switch on the camera of your device. Even the beginners in the mobile technology can use this app efficiently.

A slight disadvantage of the application is that it does commit some grammatical errors while translating it i.e. it fails to convert the grammars as per the requirements. Prevent using the instant translation feature of the app in long documents as the feature works best in short and sweet sign boards and placards.

The impeccable usefulness of the application hides the flaws of the app. The application is a must-have app if you are planning a foreign tour or trying to read a German or Spanish Novel.