WhatsApp for Android now supports Quote in messages

WhatsApp has rolled in multiple new features recently. It has made possible sharing documents, increased the security of conversations by making it end to end encrypted. It sees no stopping as it looks forward to make video calling over WhatsApp a reality. In the recent beta version of the application, WhatsApp put forward its new feature called as ‘Quote’. WhatsApp Quote feature now lets you quote messages.

WhatsApp Quote feature now lets you quote messages

WhatsApp Quote feature is enabled for the beta users of Android and most likely be launched soon for iPhone too. In the recent version of WhatsApp, 2.16.118, the feature works for personal chats as well as when conversations are in groups.

The operation for WhatsApp Quote feature is simple:

  • Select the text or video which you want to quote.
  • Then, press it for a long time till a pop-up menu appears with three options as forward, reply and delete.
  • Opt for the Reply option from the menu.
  • You will see a tiny box with the text or media quoted and a place to enter your text. You can enter a text and then click on send option to send the quote.

While chatting in a group, WhatsApp takes care of the different members by assigning them a particular color. Whenever they post a quote, their name also pops up in color coded style to distinguish among the various writers. This feature has made it easy to denote other messages in the conversation without much hassle.

WhatsApp has been making revolutionary inroads into our lives. Some of the recent cool features which we might soon catch-up with WhatsApp include the facility to integrate auto attending of messages, number-free methods to add contacts by scanning QR codes and video calling feature. Sure to say, WhatsApp is looking to integrate the world in the human fist by means of technology.

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