Top Android Apps for Rooting

android root

For those who have devices equipped with the Android platform certainly heard of android root access or equipment. As already reported in other articles, the Android operating system is based on the Linux kernel so the structure is quite similar. Thus, as in Linux, there are certain operations or actions that require super user permissions or privileges that has to be executed.

We have listed out 4 top android apps that will allow you to root your Android phone. There are several advantages of having root access on an Android device. For those who want to know more about this subject, we recommend you read this excellent article: “How to root Android phone”.

Regarding applications that allow you to root your Android phone, here are our suggestions:

Unlock Root

unlock root

One of the top androids app for rooting is the Unlock Root Pro. The Unlock Root Pro is an application designed to obtain root in order to be minimalist and at the same time flexible. It is a tool intended to be effective in a large number of versions of Android. Because using a set of universal mechanisms for root, it follows that not only works on android phone such as HTC, Samsung or Sony (where the support from the community is greater), but also in some cheaper devices from ZTE or Huawei available domestically.

Currently the Unlock Root supports the following versions of Android: 2.2 Froyo, 2.3 Ginger Bread, 4 Ice-Cream Sandwich, 4.2+ Jelly Bean. The list of supported devices can be found here.



The SuperOneClick is a veritable Swiss Army knife of rooting Android phones. Taking advantage of elaborate exploits, can easily provide android root access, allowing you to install new applications or even ROM’s community. This powerful application has as main features: Root, Shell Root and Unroot. So it’s on the list of top android apps for rooting.



How many times it was inhibited to test an application because it had no root privileges on your android phone? On the other hand, probably would never venture to try to root your device (based on cookbooks available on the Web) for fear of doing something wrong!

To overcome this “barrier” a team of programmers belonging to the xda forum, developed the z4root, another app on the list of top android apps for rooting. The z4root is a 100% secure application since all changes made can be undone. With z4root is possible to have temporary root access, or so remains. According to information from the team that developed the z4root, the “temporary root” option works in about 99% of the phones.

Transmission Root

transmission root

Unlike the solutions already presented that require PC, Root Transmission is a tool that allows you to make this operation a device, using it for another device.

Basically, using Root Transmission application, the user only needs to:

  • Having an Android phone with root already done, with support for USB hosting (USB On The Go)
  • Cable USB OTG for interconnection with other Android (either an smartphone, is a tablet)
  • One-click Root script (easily found on the Internet, for the device to unlock)

Once you have the application running on Android Root (with root access), and they switched to Android (no root) simply press the Root button! for this to be applied to the second device.

There are currently several tools that allow you to “liberate” your device from the restrictions imposed on the system. All these solutions are quite effective and, as a rule, secure. Please like this article if you like it and comment if you find anything missing or want to add something a bit.