Top 5 Surface Pro 3 Features

Surface Pro 3

Hello, everyone today we are going to be talking about some features of surface pro 3. Now you have all heard so many amazing things about this device. The surface pro 3 can do so many things we can’t possibly cover everything in one article, so that’s why we are going to show you our top 5 Features of Surface Pro 3 in this article today.

5: Digital Whiteboard

surface pro 3 features

The first feature we wanna show is how you can use your surface pro 3 as a digital whiteboard. Therefore, you can share a one-note to a Windows Phone, Android phone to Mac or PC and iPad or any device. As you drawing or as you writing a diagram on your surface it will immediately sink to the cloud and in real time anyone anywhere present in the world, it’ll sink immediately to any device and they can actually collaborate with you in real time. As it sinks the cloud, you will start to see their notes showing up on your device.

Now this might especially be useful in a conference type setting where you can connect your surface pro 3 to a TV or projector. Now all of a sudden you can have it in a conference typesetting or a classroom typesetting you can be showing something on the whiteboard in real time. Whomever you share your note with whether they’re right there in their room with you or halfway across the world you’ll be able to collaborate on this digital whiteboard. To us this is the true power of the cloud where you can really collaborate in real time just like in a natural way.

4: Gaming on TV

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Connecting to the TV for business or white boarding or education is awesome, but what’s even more awesome is if you can connect your TV for some serious gaming. You can put up the HDMI to the TV and hook up your wireless x box 360 controller. Now we will have the gaming screen on the surface pro 3 just for show. However, you can actually turn that screen off when you’re playing the game in real life.

This is awesome this is so immersive and the surface pro 3 in our opinion handles the game very very well.

3: Casting

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This would not be one of our article if we didn’t show you that you can still cast to the Xbox one or Xbox 360. To do that all you need to do is to swipe to the side, click on devices, play and then tap on your x-box and you will see that it will start playing on your device. While you’re watching to your movie that you’re casting or listening to the music. You can do just about anything else on your surface because everything else works so fine on surface pro 3.

2: COMPLET (Computer + Tablet)

surface pro3

Things that we love about the surface pro 3 is that it’s a full Personal Computer, you have a lot of flexibility in what you can do. So for example if you want you can make this your android tablet too. Therefore, you can have the best of both worlds if you want. You can have Google Play Store there, and all the app that you want have access to. You can even install Google Maps and have turn-by-turn directions if you wanted to and everything works the same as if it were on the Android tablet.

Going back to the Windows is as easy as clicking a button that is awesome, the surface pro 3 is really awesome as a tablet but where it also shines is when you use it as a computer because it has a desktop that is fully capable. Snapping the keyboard you have got the trackpad, you’ve got all the keys and because it’s a surface pro 3 you have a lot of flexibility. be able to install things like this makes the surface pro 3 really powerful, really usable and really customizable to it shines both as a tablet as well as a PC.

1: All In One


A single Surface pro 3 has many features that it can do a job of multiple gadgets. things such as:

  • Playing live TV on your surface broadcast TV.
  • Using miracast to mirror your screen wirelessly.
  • Extend your display wirelessly using your surface as the monitor and let’s say a second screen for a laptop.
  • Expand your one USB port using a USB hub and plugging a bunch of devices in it.
  • Using voice control without touching your surface, navigate around your surface.
  • Using their special reading feature to basically have the surface read anything you want to you.
  • Having the ability to create multiple accounts especially if you have children having kid accounts on their where the kids can have their own special account.

surface pro3 2

So that was our top 5 features of surface pro 3. Surface is having so many features that it can be kind of hard to keep track of all those features. There’s so much you can do with this thing. In our opinion, this is the best Windows tablet, Windows PC that you can buy in the market.

As you read our article, this is the best Android tablet as well. So if you found this article helpful please do like and share this article and thank you very much for reading features of surface pro 3.