Top 5 Android Facts

android facts

Android is one of Google’s most successful products and in recent years it has been a very popular lately. But there are a lot of things that people don’t know about it and it hasn’t always been a very popular and successful product. So without any further due, here Top 5 Android facts.

5: Android’s Origins


A lot of people think that android is Google’s baby and a lot of people truly believe that but the truth is android is adopted. Similar to a lot of existing Google products Android was picked up as a starter earlier, so originally in 2003 it was being produced or developed by a company called android Inc. and the head or founder of that company was Andy Rubin. So you can see where that name came from.

They’re working on developing it since from about 2003 to 2007. The original iPhone came out in 2007 and Google decided “hey alright, we’re going to take this and bring it to the next level”. They bought for Fifty million dollars and hired Andy and he started developing it into what it is today.

4: Rise Of Android

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Android almost didn’t happen like we said, it had been originally funded for 50 million dollars when Google first bought. But it almost immediately ran out of that initial funding and it was in 2003 to 2007 so we don’t really have a lot of information about that on the web.

From what we know it almost immediately ran out and it was basically rock bottom and then it started off very hot and then very quickly was a really cold project that was bailed out by an investment of a few thousand dollars by Android. Android’s founders is originally Steve Perlman so initially it was really hot, then met really really cold and then moved back up to a higher level project that was bailed out with some finances.

Microsoft’s Scott horn who was at the time the head of Windows Mobile’s marketing team said to Engaged after Android was released that he didn’t understand the impact android would have. So you can see that it started off as a very underrated project that it would probably would’ve bit the dust. Now you can see exactly how far it’s come today.

3: Android For Men

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More men than women use android! like a lot more. But there’s an exception to this. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that came out not too long ago was really popular with the ladies. I don’t know if it’s because it looks like a purse thing but I don’t actually know but for the most part actually 73% of Android users as at the end of 2013 are MEN leaving 27% as WOMEN.

We don’t know how accurate that number is today because it’s been a few months since then because Android is still growing in popularity so obviously more people are using it but there are a lot of demographics. For example Android users are on average pretty young mostly between the 18 to 24 year old range and 60% at the end of 2013 were under the age of 34 so Android has a lot of young men as it’s audience. But yeah that’s a pretty interesting demographic for Android phone users.

2: Android Was A Game Character

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Andy the android mascot wasn’t exactly an original creation. All you guys might know this but the first draft from the robot was actually lifted at a 1990’s console game termed the “Gauntlet-the third encounter”. The character’s name was Android and it had “24 speed,7 strength and 9 missiles”. Whatever that means for us in today’s world we can probably figure that out but in the end you can see it looks very very similar to the original game character.

The way it looks today down to like that line around where their mouth is separating the head the antennae, everything looks similar but if you’re a small game creator back in the 1990’s especially when that game wasn’t that popular you’re not gonna sue Google. I mean it’s GOOGLE! So they got away with it and that’s why the android logo looks like what it is today.

1: Android In Space

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Android in space is definitely an actual thing. In 2010 a United kingdom firm launched a Nexus A single into orbit as basically the brains of a satellite tv for pc. where it runs methodical experiments and collects data and its particular still there. The Satellite includes a name and it’s termed STRaND-1. But thats an Acronym and also stands for suray instruction research and nano satellite tv for pc demonstrator.

According to the firm that looks after this whole deal SSTL, the Nexus One that is the part of the satellite are going to be running apps that obtain scientific data, will take pictures of the earth using its 5-megapixel camera. Which was state-of-the-art back then and it will actually be able to detect when the temperature is getting too low and it also would just ramp up the CPU and run some intensive apps to obtain the battery temperature back up because you should prevent the battery coming from freezing so actually understands.

when she’ll be running apps which are really hardcore to maintain battery temperature up which is actually pretty neat to tell the truth. Along with it’s string purposes STRaND is said on an app on board that can run called “scream in space” which as you can imagine will emit a disturbance and basically tests the full “in space there’s no-one to hear you scream theory” plus they are whole working with that experiment. There’s a whole couple of new stuff it’s undertaking.

To be honest you will find no competing iPhone satellites still. Supposedly, there’s some issues with Apple maps. The indisputable fact that thing is still up there which is doing well is fairly cool.

android versions

Those are basically facts about android. Anyway that’been the idea. have names. The Android versions have names beginning from the letter “A” entirely to the current letter of the alphabet,they’ve all been dessert names so if you’ve noticed:

Astro, Bender, Cupcake, Doughnut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice CreamSandwich, Jellybean, Kitkat

or lemon cake and a whole bunch of others as we get all the way through the alphabet. I don’t know what “X” is going to be, I dont know what “Z” is gonna be but it’ll be fun to see what Android names these things. Don’t forget to like Android facts and  drop down your opinion.