Sony Personal 3d Viewer


This is the brand new Sony personal 3d viewer. The HMZ-T2, an update from last year’s model there’s some key features that set it apart from the predecessor but also set it well ahead and the 3d arena to make gaming in moving watching and unforgettable experience. The most noticeable difference you see is that, on the new model to build in about and now it is movable. so you can use your own headphones, this is especially important for people using the Sony personal 3d viewer for online multiplayer gaming usually wear their own integrate headphones with built in mic.
So you can still hear all the action from the game at the same time as talking with your friends in real time. Also if plug your own headphones to the virtual reality headset you’ll benefit from devices from many equalizer which improves the sound quality of audio.

3d viewer

But that’s not all the new 3d personal viewer also displaced the best possible picture quality, in both 2d and 3d thanks to do our high definition all at screen. By having individuals strange over each eye there’s no 3d crosstalks which are crisp, key with spectacular colour and definition.
Watching movies better than Apple things to the feature called 24p true cinema. You can watch Movies just how to direct the film them at 24 frames per second. So you can enjoy film like motion identical to being in real movie theatre, exactly the way it should be.

virtual reality headset

If you’re a gamer or a movie fan the Sony personal 3d viewer features automatic colour temperature adjustment, this helps with a greater and more comfortable viewing experience by gradually lowering colour temperature to elite any tiredness on the eye during long hours of viewing. to keep the immersive experience more comfortable for you the HMZ-T2 is now lighter, has a lot to forehead, Pat panel more adjustable head strep so you can watch or play for longer.
So that’s the new personal d viewer the HMZ-T2. It’s a better visual experience do all that high-definition screens, removable headphones and the light and more comfortable design. Once you try it, you will never want to play games or watch movies on anything else.