SmartBand: The New Look of Microsoft Band 2

microsoft band 2

Microsoft Insider has just put his hands on something that many people were curious to find out about the Microsoft Band 2. As the images of this matter should no longer obvious, it is about nothing less than renderings of a smart band, showing that the handset comes with a very different appearance to what was expected by the fans.

Basically, you can say goodbye to the square design of the first Microsoft Band: its successor will offer a rounded look alike at its edges and in its structure as a whole. The difference is so great that you can barely even notice and it’s enough to say that the devices are in the same line – in fact, you probably would not guess it is the Microsoft Band 2.

Why there is a change in visuals? Well, let us agree that the original strap was far from a design perfection because of its strictly utilitarian focus, with a square appearance and little worked (besides being somewhat uncomfortable, as we discovered in our analysis). Given the low sales of the original Band, it is likely that Microsoft has settled a bet on something completely opposite, to see if this puts the line “on track.”

microsoft band 2 microsoft band 2
Finally, remember that this is all based on leaks and rumors and no official confirmation; so there is no way to know if this really is the look of Microsoft Band 2 when it is released. Fortunately, the device will announce on 6 October during the conference that the company will do to talk about the devices with Windows 10. Just wait and see the responses.