Smart House

smart house

Future house is what we’ll be doing in smart house that shows you what to expect with spundent, fast-paced demonstration of technology that’s only five years from the market.

smart home

How cool would it be to have a house where you can control everything out of your bed, never have to make a grocery list again or you lose your keys or have the coolest gadgets in your own place. Today we will be able to experience smart house of the future.

future homes

Seventy innovative companies contributed their visions of what we can expect in the near future. The kitchen is often the heart to the house at least that’s what we spend most of our time. The smart house kitchen looks very futuristic, but it’s designed to have all the comfort and functionality of what you’d expect in a modern kitchen.

future homes2

You find everything you need in this kitchen, a built-in LED TV a music player and of course, every other piece of equipment you need to have for cooking. You can even set the mood for yourselves so if you’re longing for a romantic evening with your loved one and a nice bottle of wine. Well would you do if you simply press the touch screen button on the SMART Board and your favourite music will play, the lights will go down and then it’s just time to sit back and relax.

modular homes

If you were to notice that, you’re running out of wine you can for instance add red wine to your grocery list on the SMART Board. The smart board helps you with your everyday chores it’s there to make life easier. With the smart board you can offer a wine for just one night or more. and say for example you want to learn more about the wine that you’re drinking well you simply drag the wine Icon to the television box and the movie will start explaining all there is to know about your wine.

smart home systems

Paying bills in the future will also be easier as well, all you gotta do is press your finger down onto the bottom on the SMART Board or screen your personal fingerprint, a press to all done and paid for. You can observe every corner of your house with built-in cameras that give you robbers safe feeling. But the other side it’s kinda voyeuristic too, so now we will have privacy in the near future.

smart homes

We know you like your showers hot pressing a button on your bed then your shower begins to prepare a hot shower for you. So while the shower gets hot you can start brushing your teeth in front of the intelligent mirror. Now on this mirror you can look at the news to see what’s happening in the world. You can listen to your favourite songs or you can even see whats the weather’s gonna be like today.

assisted living

You can even work on your time and at the same time warm your towel on the very modern looking towel heater. This house really is all about comfortable living. The entire house works by a home automation every electrical appliance or apparatus you have in your home is controlled by one easy to use system. It’s all about living more efficiently and at the same time being a bit more environmentally friendly.

home automation

The entire smart house of tomorrow is equipped with the most high-tech and coolest gadgets around. In this smart house you can control everything by touch screen literally have everything at your fingertips. Now that’s what I call easy living. But this house does make you lazy we could have one like this but it cost 22 million euro maybe bit too expensive, what you think.