Rubber-Keys Piano – Seaboard Rise From Roli


There are so many innovations out there in this world of tech. One of them is this rubber type keys electronic piano named Seaboard Rise from Roli, a British startup. To be specific, it’s a MIDI controller keyboard that connects with your computer or midi supported devices and records your music on the go, it simply means that it is much more than piano.

Unlike the traditional keyboards that has plastic or wooden keys, this one seems different and stands out among them. It feels like this is the future of electronic music and will create a revolution in the music industry.


The Size And Price

The keyboard is quite smaller in size 25 keys however, much affordable at price. The Seaboard Rise keyboard is actually a portable version of its bigger brother ‘Seaboard Grand’ released a couple of years ago. You will spend $800, which sounds more reasonable against the cheapest keyboard of Seaboard Grand which is a whopping $1,999. It is good for people especially those who just want it for a home studio.


It can be physically bend, pressed or slide on as well as can be pinched to get different kinds of sounds. It is bundled with Equator,  a powerful software synthesizer for endless possibilities. It also has a beautiful protective case for easy carrying. You can create your music in completely new ways with new dimensions of touch interaction to match your own playing style.

Compatible with most of the hardware and software synthesisers, as well as Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) across MAC Platforms, Microsoft Windows, and others. If you are the one who wants it and desperate to try it out, you can pre-order by visiting the startup’s website. The company will start shipping it after October 9th.