How to remove my number from Truecaller?

Got a missed call from a number that you haven’t saved in your mobile phone and wondering whom the person was that called you? Ever thought if your name would come up on Truecaller if you call someone? Want to remove phone number from truecaller? Well, we all have got the answer to this issue in the form of Truecaller app. I’m sure most of the smartphone users by now have used this app at least once. Or better yet, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Truecaller has become one of those prerequisite apps that a user installs as soon as he starts using a smartphone.

remove phone number from truecaller

Now many of you must be wondering that how does this happen. How does Truecaller know who the caller is? How and where does Truecaller get all these numbers from? Is there a central database where all our numbers are stored which are then fetched by Truecaller? What do you do if you don’t want people to see your name in Truecaller? How to make use of Truecaller without giving out the contacts in your smartphone? Worry not, we got you covered through this article.

How does Truecaller get hold of your data? How does it work?

Now we all know that when you install any app on your smartphone (an Android device in this case), you are shown a list of permissions that an app will require prior to the installation on the device. Without accepting them, you cannot install the app on your device and make use of it.

remove phone number from truecaller

Now if you have ever taken a closer look at them, one of the information the app needs access to is your Contacts. As soon as you give the app access to this information and install it, the app accesses all your contact information and uploads it to the server. Let’s say I have stored one of my friend’s contact number by the name Mr. Pichai. Now whenever a person checks my friend’s number from within Truecaller’s app or website, he/she will be shown the name Mr. Pichai.

No, wait. This isn’t as easy as you think it is. It gets a little complex here. Let’s say I’m not the only friend of Mr. Pichai and he has several other friends as well. So definitely he has his phone number stored in their smartphones as well. Now there’s a possibility that some of his friends if not all have the app Truecaller installed in their smartphones. There’s also a probability that they must have stored Mr. Pichai’s phone number by different names, we can’t deny it. Now out of all of us Truecaller users, whomsoever installed the app first in his smartphone, the name that is stored in his smartphone will be added in Truecaller’s database.

Let’s make it a little easy for you to understand. Simply put, there are three friends. Me, Mr. Pichai, and, the third friend. I have saved Mr.Pichai’s phone number with the name Mr.Pichai. But the third friend stored the number with a different name, let’s say Pichai. Also, that third friend installed Truecaller on his smartphone way before I did. So, if someone looks up to Mr. Pichai’s number on Truecaller, the name that will be displayed is Pichai.

How to remove phone number from Truecaller’s database?

Let’s face it. Truecaller surely is a useful app, but it does raise privacy concerns for some. Not to call them paranoid, though. Because in the end, who would want his personal information to be available to the public with just a few taps on the screen? If privacy matters, you should remove phone number from truecaller.

Using Truecaller app is like being in a give-and-take relationship. You take the advantage of Truecaller’s huge database of phone numbers and see what was the name of the person that called you, but, at the same time you also hand over the contacts and other information that you have stored on your smartphone.

remove phone number from truecaller

But, for those who don’t want people to see their name on Truecaller when they make a call, or for those who are pretty much concerned with privacy issues, Truecaller has got them covered.

Truecaller allows you to unlist your phone number from their database. Above is a picture of Unlist Form that you need to fill up and voila, your number has been removed from their database. So, this way you can remove phone number from truecaller.

Before writing this article, we personally tried and checked whether this works or not, but, to our wonder, the number that we wanted to unlist from Truecaller’s database was almost instantly removed. You don’t have to keep waiting to get your phone number removed.

You can go to this site and unlist your phone number. It doesn’t take more than a minute.

How to use Truecaller without giving out the information stored in your smartphone? Here’s the trick:

For those who want to make use of Truecaller but don’t want to give out the information stored in their smartphone, here’s the trick. One can always go to their website at and search for the details of the phone number. All you need to do is sign in to an account, be it Google, Microsoft, Facebook or Yahoo.

Now there’s a possibility that Truecaller might be accessing data from even one of these accounts that you may login from, but hey, you can always have a separate account for such stuff which doesn’t have any phone numbers or email ids or any such information stored in it. If you know what we mean.

Besides, looking for phone numbers from their website reduces chances of giving out the contact information that is stored in your smartphone. That website certainly can’t access phone numbers when accessed from a computer or mobile browser.

This way you can make use of Truecaller’s huge database, and, at the same time, keep your contacts and information safe in your smartphone.


We must say that Truecaller is surely a useful app for those who want to look out for the information of the phone number that they received a call from. But it does raise privacy concerns for some people. Well, all we can say is that every technology, be it an app or whatever else, comes with its own set of pros and cons. It’s entirely up to you to decide whether using such technology is helpful or not.

The 21st century is a digital book. An age where data drives almost everything. Every other service tries and collects your data to earn some money in one or another way. Where search engines show us the ads based on search habits. Where social media shows advertisements and suggestions based on our Likes. So it’s nothing new that apps and services will always ask for some information which you won’t be comfortable giving away.

As for Truecaller’s app, we did show you the trick to remove phone number from truecaller and making the most of it and get away. Also, Android users can set custom permissions for all the apps that they have installed in their devices by rooting their devices and/or using custom ROMs for their smartphones. After all, it’s Truecaller – Take the right call. Go ahead. Try it.