PlayStation 5 to Support Virtual Reality and True 4K Gaming Experience

It has been quite a while that news and updates have been coming from the world of technology regarding the new releases that are slated to come out in the year 2017 or even later. And among those we have got news and updates regarding the PlayStation 5 which are reported to be released in a distant future. There are very few in number but whatever news we have got reveals the fact that the PlayStation 5 from Sony Computer Entertainment is going to be an incredible gaming console.

The latest news that we have got regarding the PlayStation 5 has come up with the information that the PlayStation 5 is perhaps going to have a support for the Virtual reality. Now that sounds very much plausible. If we go by the current trend we can expect that most of the video games that are scheduled to be released in the latter half of 2017 or even further will come with compatibility for the Virtual reality. In fact, virtual reality is believed to be one of the in things at the moment. So PlayStation 5 coming with capability for supporting the virtual reality is a very much possible.

PlayStation 5

The ardent fans of the gaming console from Sony Computer Entertainment should feel a bit let down if the PlayStation 5 doesn’t come with a support for the virtual reality. The PlayStation 5 is expected to be brought out on the market in the year 2019 or even after that. By then all the games that would be available on the market is expected to be made available in virtual reality. So it is PlayStation 5 coming with a support for virtual reality should not be a surprise for the tech enthusiasts across the continents.

Yet another feature that is expected to be coming to the PlayStation is the true 4K gaming experience. The latest gaming console that has come out from Sony Computer Entertainment, the PS4 Pro, does support 4K resolution. But it does not provide a true 4K gaming experience to the gamers. What it does is just upscaling the 1080p resolution to the 4K resolution. And that is done with the aid of a checkerboard. Thus the gamers do not get a true 4K gaming experience. But lately, Sony has revealed that the gamers who are eager to get hold of the PlayStation 5 will be able to have a true 4K gaming experience.

And that is primarily because of a better GPU which is expected to come out with the PlayStation 5. The PlayStation 4 Pro has a GPU clocked at 4.2 Teraflops. But the news and updates from different sources have revealed that the PlayStation 5 is going to be equipped with a better clocked GPU. If we go by the rumors, we can expect the PlayStation 5 to feature a GPU clocked at 8 TeraFlops at least. It could be even more. But that is subject to all sorts of confirmation from Sony.

For the time being these are all rumors and we should keep on waiting for confirmation although the news regarding the better clocked GPU has come out from the manufacturers. The wait gets longer but we can expect something from the manufacturers shortly.