Find Lost Items With Nokia Treasure Tag

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The wait is about to end, Nokia has revealed its new gadget called “Treasure Tag” as a sensor accessory, which helps all Lumia device owners to keep a track on mostly common things that are lost.
Nokia Treasure Tag acts as a smart peripheral device that synchronizes with Lumia smartphones such that when you lost your of keys, bags, wallets and other items, it can let you keep a track on them and forget the fear of losing. 

By using Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC technology, the device can strap onto a keychain or any other item. If you try to leave the home without any of them, each one will emit a loud signal. Just assuming if you miss the alerts, the Windows Phone app will help you to locate the lost item on HERE maps.


This nokia accessories will come in four colors: white, yellow, cyan, black and will be using Bluetooth or NFC along with an app which will pair with a Lumia smartphone. However, in order to work for the device, you must have the Lumia Black update installed. You may link four different Nokia Treasure Tags to your phone. The NFC tags have a coin cell battery that is replaceable and lasts up to six months of battery life.

The NFC tags are really small and measures 30 x 30 x 10mm, which is roughly a match box size dimensions, and weighs only 13 grams. An amazing feature it has each Nokia treasure tag that is connected to Lumia device can be transformed into a Live Tile on the screen and will show the same color as the physical accessory.
As of now it was rumored since last year summer and Nokia has announced that it will be sold around $30 in April 2014. It can also support Android and iOS devices by Third-party  applications which will be released in coming months. Amazon buys popular comics.