7 Must Do’s Before you Jump into PPC Marketing

PPC or Pay Per Click marketing is booming in almost all the industries. Your boss must be telling you “let’s start PPC on Google, I heard, it’s pretty awesome.” Tell him Keep Calm & Do Plan. Here I am going to cover some of the interesting topics before you plan to jump into PPC marketing. In simple terms, PPC is the platform where you have to pay for clicks on your advertisements. Well, Google is not the only one who offers PPC platform. But here I will be taking the example of Google Adwords. Don’t dare to skip a single word, after all it’s the matter of money. If you stay focused you Earn if not you Burn money.

ppc marketing

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1. Magic Words

The base of any SEO or PPC strategy is the keyword research. Yes, that’s true, they are your magic words. You have to find the perfect keyword otherwise, you are going to hit your head on the wall. In PPC, make a note of all the related, short term keywords or long term keywords.

Take the keywords which are more specific to your product or services. For example, your boss owns a shoe store, & you are selling it online. You might think “shoe store” would give you tons of traffic leads on your website. Yes, it does. But within seconds you may lose hundreds of dollars.

Hmm… now relax and work on your keywords first. Take a whole day to research on it. Be specific what you are selling. If you are only selling formal shoes then use the keywords related to that only. It’s for men, women, children. Black, white or blue. Again be specific.

2. Bulls Eye

Sit and relax take a cup of coffee and think. Whom you want to sell the shoes. Again Women, Men, children. Which country they should be. Which city or region they should be. It will save you lots of dollars. Remember a single unwanted lead is costing you money.

3. Fight Club

You are not alone in the race. If you are tired and don’t want to read this post anymore. Beware your competitors are still reading it. Yes, I am talking about competitor’s analysis. Find out who are coming on top of the PPC search. Become a James bond or Ethan Hunt of Mission impossible. Track and find out when they run the ads? how their ads are? what time they run and what time they don’t?

Now take out your keywords. You might find out that your competitor is paying much per click that you can’t afford then you must eliminate that keyword.

4. Show Time

Research more on your consumers. Find out at what time they are willing to buy & which are the nearest event that you can run ads and get more targeted visitors. If there is a shoe exhibition in the area. Then filter your ads within a certain range of that area so that you get more geographically targeted clicks.

5. Look into the Mirror

A stage will come when you will have tons of visitors on your website and some amount of conversions too. Now it’s the time you put yourself into analysis mode. Find out which ads are working good text or banner. Find out which keyword is giving you more profit. Compare both the keywords and which is costing you high money but low profit, eliminate that black magic word.

6. Lost in the Jungle

Don’t get lost in the jungle and don’t invest blindly. You know what is the common habit of most successful people in the world have? “They Think” Now think again. Is it worth to go for PPC for your product or service? Do your targeted people search that keywords? Are the CPC rates affordable compared to your product sale?

7. Run Run Runn..

Get. Set. Go. Well, begin half done. One important information. CPC rates are increasing every day. Start now! Your competitor has started already. Be patient in planning. Go ahead and take the risk. Happy Investing.