3 Best Mobile Spy Apps for Android Phones

The modern world is going to be the plant of Android phones; everyone seems busy on the mobile phone’s screens. The young generation is obsessed with the usage of cellphones, they do text messages, make calls, do chat, share media files in the shape of photos and videos. They use instant messaging applications such as Facebook, Tinder, Yahoo, Line, Vine, WhatsApp and many others alike. These social media networking apps are responsible for cyber bullying, cyber stalking, child abuse and plenty of health issues in young kids and teens.

Young generation especially teens have health issues such as depression, behavioral issues, anxiety and eye infections no time ever before. Hence, it is necessary to use mobile spy apps in order protect teens from all online dangers which can exploit the young generation badly. There are following ultimate and reliable apps which are very handy for Android mobile phones.

MM Guardian Android spy app for Android:

It is one of the most popular and state of the art monitoring app for Android phones. Parents who have purchased Android phones for their kids and disappointed to realize their kids spend all of their time on it. They should install the cell phone tracking software on their kid’s phone. Let’s suppose if parents did not register their account, then they need to register initially. The Android spy software has robust features such as spy on text messages, surveillance on calls, browsing history, app usage logs of your kid’s device remotely. It allows the user to track the exact location of your child having a device, see location latest updates and lock and unlock the kid’s phone by tapping on a single button.

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TheOneSpy software for Android phones:

It is World’s no 1 spy app for parenting, to keep an eye on employee’s activities and for the spouse who is suspicious about the loyalty of their partners. The Android cell phone monitoring application has state of the art spying features you just name it. According to the users, it is compatible with all Android kind of Android devices such as smartphones, tablets, and pads. The surveillance spy program has more than 250 features and along with the 17 instant messaging applications along with complete time schedule. Through the TheOneSpy software for Android phones parents can look after their kids and teens, employers are easily making a check on their employee’s productivity and spouses can catch their partners if involved in cyber infidelity.

The android monitoring software has ultimate and breath talking features such bug their phone with through spyvidcam, camera bug, and MIC bug. Spy on text messages, spy on calls, Read emails, View browsing history, remotely phone controller, Track GPS location, view multimedia files, key loggers, IM’s Social Media, Instant Alerts and plenty of others alike. The android phone spy software has the very reasonable price and works under complete secrecy.

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Kids Place spy app for Android:

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Kids place is actually parenting app which enables parents to safeguard their personal data and doesn’t allow kids to use the stuff which is inappropriate for them. it also enables parents to put restrict the activities of kids to visit dangerous instant messaging apps, making calls, text messages and all of those activities which cost parents lots. It also allows parents to change their Android phones on kids mode with the help of spy android software in order to enjoy some time.

Its groundbreaking features empower parents to make their own preferences such as to use those particular apps which are best for kids, custom home screen display, don’t allow kids to apps online, compatible with multiple user’s profiles, it blocks all incoming calls when Kids mode is on, it also restrict all another wireless signal when kids place is on, user can custom wallpapers, it is very handy for toddlers, kids, and teens and has the capacity to change any kind of android phone device into kids mode.

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All of the upper mentions monitoring apps for Android phones are great. If you ask my individual opinion that what would be the best among all, I would go for TheOneSpy.