Microsoft Xbox 2 Could Be A Gaming Beast, Featuring 4K and VR Experience

Microsoft grabbed a lot of eyeballs during their E3 2016 press conference where the tech giants announced their upcoming gaming console which they are promptly calling ‘Project Scorpio’. Something the US-based tech firm is claiming to become the most powerful gaming console ever built and by the looks of it, their claims might just materialize. Microsoft released the Xbox One back in 2013 and the successor to the hugely popular Xbox 360 did not prove to be as successful as the company might have expected. Now, according to the E3 2016 presentation showed regarding the Microsoft Xbox 2 or Project Scorpio, there is no doubt regarding the fact that the next console from Microsoft is definitely slated to be a gaming beast.

Microsoft Xbox 2: 4K Resolution

The first announcement for the Xbox Scorpio at the E3 conference itself revealed that the Xbox Two is slated to offer a gaming experience in the highest resolution format possible today. In the gaming industry, 4K gaming is the new in-thing with more devices rolled out to be 4K compatible offering consumers a truly enriching viewing experience. Microsoft has significantly lagged behind market competitors Sony on the 4K department with the Sony Playstation 4 supporting 4K streaming and 4K upscaling for selected games. Nevertheless, the fact that the Microsoft Xbox 2 will feature native 4K gaming is unprecedented. The upcoming console from Microsoft has been confirmed to feature 6 teraflops(trillion floating point operations per second) of graphical computing performance as well as an eight-core AMD APU making it perfectly compatible to successfully support gaming in 4K resolution.

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Microsoft Xbox 2: VR Compatibility

The VR industry is perhaps one of the most flourishing pieces of technology and incorporation of VR in gaming is definitely taking the industry to a different game altogether. Specifically, when it comes to consoles, Microsoft has lagged behind Sony at least on this front, with Sony’s PS4 Being made VR compatible along with the release of their exclusive VR headset, the PlayStation VR. Considering the fact that the Xbox 2 will find its way to the market by 2017, a timeframe when VR technology is slated to be at the very top, there isn’t a doubt regarding the fact that the Xbox 2 will be VR compatible.

Microsoft Xbox 2: Release Date

The Xbox 2 is expected to be rolled out by Microsoft later this year according to their original announcement at the E3 2016. There have been considerable doubts regarding the release of the console especially when no concrete amount of information is available for the device as of yet. But Microsoft has always chosen to follow a tight-lipped protocol in order to build anticipation among customers. In regards to its identical pattern for the previous Xbox releases, the Xbox 2 will most probably be rolled out by Microsoft in the fourth quarter this year with a high number of chances of the Xbox 2 making an appearance in Microsoft’s yearly launch event in November.