Microsoft Expansion Continues As It Purchases LinkedIn For $26.2 Billion

LinkedIn is the largest social network for the executives, professionals and alike. Catering the opportunity to showcase their professional prowess and market themselves to the hiring officials, LinkedIn has soon become the office name when it comes to official platforms. Having a user base of more than 0.4 billion professionals all across the world, LinkedIn has proved its metal in the tech-industry.

Microsoft LinkedIn

The news has catapulted throughout the entire professional world as the software giant, Microsoft, purchases the professional hub, LinkedIn for a whopping $26.2 billion, thus Microsoft LinkedIn and making it the lion’s share of investment. Microsoft has never utilized their funds in such a mammoth way to purchase and expand their grip in the technical world. Cloud computing is the new word-of-the-mouth as it allows users to have a portability of their software and other utilities. Both of them deal with professionals, Microsoft deals with professionals of extreme caliber working in it whereas LinkedIn serves as the platform for these professionals to expand their careers.

Jeff Weiner shall hold his post of CEO of LinkedIn and he shall be reporting to Satya Nadella, leading authority of Microsoft. So what is the crack behind this deal? Financial analysts could foresee LinkedIn at doomsday as the stocks were heading for the peril. On the other hand, Microsoft was in need of a social platform to enrich its social media presence. LinkedIn being the hub of mature professionals and executives was the perfect match for Microsoft. Targeting social platform with embedded user foundation, who is the leading users of products of Microsoft, makes this deal to be a blissful and prosperous alliance with a congruent vision and mission.