LG G6 is rumored to have Features like Iris Scanning and Wireless Charging

With the success of LG G5, LG is all set to come up with its latest series LG G6, which is rumored to be one of the best Smartphones of the year 2017 in terms of its features and specifications. LG has previously proved to its loyal customers that when it comes to style and durability of a Smartphone, they do not hold back to include features that make it worth the amount to be spent on by the buyers. This latest model is no different. Apart from the unique features that are rumored to be added to this Smartphone, we come to know that LG G6 will have features like Iris Scanning and Wireless charging included in it. In terms of the look, the buyers will get a higher quality metal unibody surround with a choice of colors to choose from.

LG G6 Features at a Glance:

This Smartphone will include a 5.6-inch display screen with a 4K display sporting a resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels. It will have an octa-core processor of 3.0 GHz. The benefit of such a fast processor will lead to increase in multi-tasking and productivity. The camera is rumored to be one of the best features of the LG G6 and will include optical image stabilization plus, dual LED, geo tagging, facial recognition, 3D front and back camera element, laser autofocus. The front camera will be of 7.0 Megapixels and the rear camera will be of 24 Megapixels.

LG G6 Features

LG G6 Iris Scanning

LG G6 will likely have an iris scanner, and this feature is present in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and also seen in the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL. However, the difference lies in the fact that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has a dedicated second camera for iris recognition, while the LG G6 has the selfie camera and iris scanner that coexist. The iris scanner is the feature that is known to increase the level of security options for the users. This new feature will validate and authenticate users and unlock the device through the compact sensor. Therefore, apart from the features mentioned above the Iris Scanning feature will guarantee, that this model is set to rein the stores with its release in the third week of May 2017.

LG G6 Wireless Charging

Price to be expected around $750, LG G6 is rumored to have yet another additional attractive feature which is the wireless charging system. With a powerful processor of Snapdragon Qualcomm chip having a 3.0 GHz octa-core processor, the newest Qualcomm QuickCharge will let LG G5 charge even at faster speeds using USB cable.

LG G6 will be having an aluminum body with a glossy touch of tempered glass rear along with 32GB of internal memory. Even though there is no confirmation yet with regards to the wireless charging feature, it has been rumored to the inclusion of wireless charging.

In conclusion, this latest installment of LG is going to include special features along with the addition of features like Iris Scanning and Wireless Charging.