Latest update brings app shortcuts, ability to retract messages and more to Telegram

With over 1 Billion downloads, WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular instant messaging app available. However, another messaging app which is giving WhatsApp a run for its money is Telegram. While Telegram is behind WhatsApp in terms of downloads and number of users, it still has some cool features which make it better than WhatsApp. And now, with the latest update which brings features like app shortcuts and the ability to retract messages, Telegram has taken its app a level above.


Access frequent chats quickly on Android

Starting with app shortcuts, this update with version 3.16 makes it easier for you to go to your frequent chats. If you are running Android 7.1.1 Nougat on your smartphone, you only have to long press the Telegram app’s icon to access the frequent chats. You can also go to the new conversation window straight away from the home screen or app drawer.


Yes, you can now retract messages sent mistakenly

If you are someone who often sends wrong messages in wrong chats, the latest update will make life a bit easier for you as you can now retract the sent messages within 48 hours of sending them. The latest update also makes it easier for you to monitor disk and network usage. The usage of mobile data, Wi-Fi data and roaming data can now be viewed individually so that you can make sure you are not paying extra or can switch to a Wi-Fi connection when needed.


Besides this, you can also see the recently downloaded files on file sharing screen. Oh, and if you are someone who gets annoyed when having to scroll all the way up in a chat again while reading messages, Telegram has got you covered as the app now restores to the last scroll position when you switch from another chat to the one you were in. Not to forget that the app now also shows the date when you scroll up in a chat.


Other updates include support for GBoard and the inclusion of cowboy, clown and sick face emoji on Android. By the way, which app do you prefer the most, WhatsApp or Telegram? Do let us know in the comments below.

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