iPhone 8 Leaked Images Show Bezel-Less Design & Rear Touch ID

Leaked Apple iPhone 8 has just spotted online with a bezel-less design and a rear finger Touch ID. Apple is about to unveil the new iPhone in few months, so brace yourselves, this could be it.

The renders look realistic, however, speculations suggests it could be a test model or a prototype that is used before mass production.

The ergonomics of the phone seem similar to that of the last year’s Apple iPhone 7. According to the image, we can see the usual volume control, the antenna lines and a vertical dual camera on the rear alongside a fingerprint scanner or you can say a finger Touch ID just below the Apple logo.

iPhone 8 Leaked

Apple generally uses the Touch ID on the home button, but as per the image, Apple seems to follow the conventional means like the others particularly Androids. Most Android smartphones tend to place a fingerprint scanner on the backside.

The Touch ID is on the back side, not on the front. But, why Apple put touch ID on the rear side? Perhaps the reason due to manufacturing difficulties. Rumors suggest the scanner will be merged with the screen to work with your fingers touching anywhere on the display.

There’s a separate image showing a nearly bezel-less design on the front side of the device. The iPhone leaker named Benjamin Geskin shared iPhone 8 leaked images on his Twitter.

iPhone 8 Leaked

Perhaps, It’s A Chinese Replica

If all that sound is to be true, it could be one of the fake Chinese models that replicate the Apple iPhone. In fact, it would be a clone developed by an unidentified manufacturer, a manufacturer obviously determined to surf the popularity of the next iPhone.

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