How To Upgrade Laptop RAM

laptop ram

This is the first “How to’s” of TechoBook so let’s begin. Let me show you how to install Some laptop memory. Now you guys need to upgrade your laptop memory so you take it to technicians and they charge you ridiculous amount of money to do a two second process that can be done by your grandmother too.
Well right now it’s time for you to learn out. First of I’m gonna show you how to determine how much memory you have in your laptop so you can determine whether or not you want some more memory.

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Now well you go to my computer right click on it, and then you click on properties it will bring up the lovely screen to give you all the system information. And to the bottom of the screen you’ll notice on there it’ll say system memory and it’ll give you a number right there 1 GB of memory, now that’s not enough for you and you need total of 4 GB so let’s install a 4GB of memory.

update ram

Step 1: Remove Bottom Panel

Now on the bottom up the laptop you will see several different screws there usually is a slight a ball bearing slidable doors or something like that. There may be two doors you might accidentally open the wrong one, so to find out that it’s a hard drive not memory so just make sure that when you open it will look like a RAM in the picture above then you get the right one.

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And all you need to do this is a Screwdriver and get down to business. All we need to do is remove the screw on the back panel, it’s a lot easier to do and now after removing it popped out the back panel with your hand.

how to upgrade laptop ram

Step 2: Find RAM Memory Slot

Now you are looking at the inside, this is one configuration you can see there’s one stick of RAM already installed. Turned inside here’s you can really get a good look, there’s a spot where we can put another stick of RAM sometimes there’s a both the spots are filled so you have to take one of them out or take both of them out before installing new RAM.

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Step 3: Insert memory stick at roughly 30 degree angle and press down

Take your RAM module and when you install this you wanna make sure that you install not just correctly you can judge that by just looking at however the other RAM was installed. And lining up to see the small side and a large side there so only going one way and don’t force it. Now when you put it in there back around this way you have to make sure you give it a little bit of an angle just about a 30 degree angle.

how to upgrade laptop ram 2

And is president ever so slightly and you feel kinda snap in there its president and these two little metal grippers will hold it in place and their you’re finished, it’s installed. you didn’t have to go to a technician or anything like that.

To Remove: Gently separate teeth and pull gently on memory stick

let me show you how you take out the RAM without breaking anything. Now you notice again those little metal teeth right there’s one right here on the other side. If you just pull this slightly the part and the RAM will pop up a little. Don’t force it up any further you may damage the the modular, you might damage the connector. Just pull out ever so slightly.
Why would you need to remove your RAM, well some of the older computers and a lot other computers until the day they have maybe 1GB of memory. But both your slots are filled because they’ve used 512 MB in each slot so in order to get, say a 4GB of RAM you have to remove each of those and insert larger model modules into each one. And then you take the other ones and get to your friend who likes to collect RAM, place it on a wall or something like that, but you’re not gonna be a usual RAMs I’m trying to say, You’re gonna have to get new RAM replace that RAM you have a Mac touch remembering and after that with most of the newer community turned on and you’re in Windows and immediately recognize it.


Now you right click on it and you’ll see the drop down menu and down to the bottom here click on Properties. And here it comes up the list of everything on your computer Right on the bottom as you can clearly see your RAM of 4GB of memory and everything is gonna run all a lot faster.