How To Transfer Files From Mac to Mac

how to transfer files from mac to mac

Today we’ll be seeing how to connect an Apple computer i.e. , a MAC to another one of Apple’s MACs so that you can have absolute control over the other MAC and can literally see what’s going on in the other MAC in real time and also control the other MAC like you’d control yours. Don’t worry you wont have to install any additional software for this to be done. MAC OS X has an built in screen sharing feature. How good is that to know? Right. Now let’s follow the steps to achieve this connection between two computers. Read the instructions given below step by step.


  1. Switch on Screen Sharing On the MAC you wish to control, go to system preferences. Go click Sharing and check whether “Screen sharing” is checked and selected. If it isn’t selected, check the box.
  2. You can assign different users of the MAC different permissions to connect.

Ways of getting it done:

Method 1

  • On the MAC you want to control, go to this web address.
  • Write down the IP address you obtain on a piece of paper or wherever you find it convenient. The Format of the IP address would be something like in the image below.
  • Click open the Finder on the MAC you want to have control of.

transfer files from mac to mac

  • Select “Connect to Server from the Go menu.
  • Type in “vnc://” followed by the IP address from the previous MAC. Yeah the one which you probably wrote on a piece of paper and then click Connect.
  • Type in the credentials i.e., username and password you would use to gain control and access the remote MAC computer.
Method 2: Inside the network
  • Click open the finder window.

how to transfer files from pc to mac

  • Now under shared clic on the MAC you want to control and see in the left pane of the finder and then go on to click “Share screen” towards the upper right corner.
  • Now you’re almost done. You just have to enter the credentials used to log in of an authorized user and then click Connect.