How To Download Movies From Utorrent


I still remember the question that how my friends ask me about “How do I download movies from the internet?”. I simply suggest them to use torrents, but another question comes up in their mind is that “now, what is utorrent?” and “how to download movies from utorrent?”. Well, here comes the short story that I told to my friends about how to download movies from utorrent?.

There are some programs that will greatly help you to get what you want apart from movies, and this post is all about how to use one of the most well-known softwares like uTorrent, used for free movie downloads. If you are the one who wants free movie downloads from torrents, if you have never used the torrents or want to learn more about this process, do not miss this tutorial.

But first, What is uTorrent?
It’s a software program that is used to download files called ‘torrents’ from the internet. The files are shared by users like us who shares the data, be it movies, songs, games or anything, from their computer via internet. Almost anyone can download the shared content, in this case, its uTorrent movies download.

How To Download Movies from utorrent

1. Install uTorrent on your computer

The first step is to download uTorrent safely from its official website. I know you can pretty well download utorrent from the internet. The program is very light (the file is less than 1MB), and was created with two basic principles: facilitate the sharing of large files on the web and speed up the transfer.

PS: uTorrent is also available on Android devices.

How To Download Movies from utorrent 2

2. Look for the file to download

Now that you already have uTorrent installed, the next thing you need is the torrent file of the specific movie you want. This torrent file is used to download all the files you need for a movie. Just open utorrent and write the name of the movie you want to download in the search bar on the top right, the software will search the internet and direct you to a website generic searches, but it is much easier if you configure uTorrent for it to do research only on websites specializing in uTorrent movies download.

How To Download Movies from utorrent 4

The other easy way is you can Google or search on the popular torrent websites like, or using your browser and find a torrent file using their search bars. People also shares ‘uTorrent download movies’ collection so you can get a full pack of utorrent free movie downloads.
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3. Confirm that you want to add a new torrent

After downloading the torrent file, you will be asked to save the movie files on your computer. Click “OK” to start the download. You can select which files you want to keep and which one to discard and don’t download them by using tick marks.

How To Download Movies from utorrent 5 How To Download Movies from utorrent 5


The newer versions of uTorrent come with a function called “stream” or “play” with which you can check the movie before you even download completely. This button is useful to see if the file is just what you wanted.

The best thing about torrent is that you can pause it for later download, it means you can keep the torrents as long as you want and can be later resumed from where it is left over even though if you quit the uTorrent software or shut down your PC.