How To Download Facebook Videos

download facebook videos

It is not difficult to wander through Facebook and find a funny video of a family or an unforgettable moment shared by the social network. The big problem, however, is that often we lose sight of the link between so many other publications, and is hard to find it to show friends again. To avoid this problem, we have some quick and easy solutions to download Facebook videos and save them to show to others.

You can perform the downloads via a PC, mobile phone and even a browser extension – all according to your preference. Check out some of the tools at your disposal.

Download Facebook Videos From Desktop Computers

1: FVD Video Downloader (Browser)

facebook video download

If you want a simple tool to download videos from Facebook to your computer, FVD Video Downloader you can easily accomplish it within the web browser itself.

With Facebook video open on the page, simply locate the button of the extension in your browser and press it to find the contents available for download on your computer. With a simple tap on the blue download button, the application already starts downloading in standard format (MP4).

2: FBDown (PC)

facebook video downloader

The site isn’t a kind of program or extension to make downloading files but a website that directly converts the Facebook video download link into a video file. It separates the video through the link posting on Facebook, leaving you to click with the right mouse button on the page and select “Save As …” option to download the file directly on your computer.

If the original post is in HD, the site can also download at high resolutions. Even private publications it offers a quick and simple explanations to make downloading videos form.

3: Downvids (PC)

facebook video download online

Another site lets you download videos from your browser. What the good thing is that it’s a website so any device that has a browser either a PC, laptop, a phone or tablet can download videos straight to your storage drive in MP4 video format.

You just need to have your Facebook video download link and paste it there so that you can download the videos by clicking right mouse button and selecting “save as” option. It also has some features like downloading in HD.

An additional feature is that you can also download YouTube videos the same way you download Facebook videos

Download Facebook Videos From Mobile Devices

1: Facebook Video Downloader (Android)

facebook videos downloader

After opening this app with your Facebook account, it will organize the videos available in various categories such as shared by friends, the social network pages or available in your page.

After selecting the video, the application itself offers the option to download it directly to your cell. Simple, free, fast and well organized, this app presents no problems or difficulties for you to download files.

2: FB VDownloader (Android)

downloading facebook videosThis other application for Android also organizes content according to publications of friends or pages you follow. With your Facebook account connected, simply find the video between various categories and select it so that the app shows the options available for download, offering common and HD formats.

3: Video Downloader for Facebook (iOS)

downloading facebook videos

Apple users also have options to download videos from Facebook in a very similar way just like the two previous applications. Video Downloader for Facebook provides complete lists of videos you can find on Facebook, both shared by your friends and pages that you likes.

The only thing is that you need to pay $1 to release the option to view the videos without the need for an internet connection.

4: Facebook Video Downloader (Windows Phone)

facebook video downloader free

Not to forget the fans of Windows Phone, we also find an option to download Facebook on the Windows operating system. However, unlike most of the other options, it is paid, costing $0.99 so you can use it.

Similarly to other applications, it provides available videos from your Facebook, simply touch the screen to prepare it for download. Besides showing in a simple interface all publications of your friends, it also enables you to edit file names, making it easier to locate the gallery.

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