5 Google Secret Projects That You Don’t Know

Skeptical about what Google is doing behind the curtains? If you think Google is just a big search engine then you are just another person who’s being oblivious to what happens in the outside world. Since the tech giant has grown a lot, there are some Google secret projects that you don’t know about. Here are the 5 Google secret projects we found fascinating to share.

1) Google’s secret ‘Lighter Than Air’ material

Google has developed a secretive lighter than air material that will change how we interact with the sky. The material will be lighter than air, assuming it is defying the gravity and doesn’t come down to the Earth but continues to float on its own.

Google Secret Projects

Astro Teller, head of Google X – a semi-secret research and development facility, revealed that they are investigating on a new material that is super strong but floats. It certainly could change the communications with the sky, buildings, air transportation, most probably having major implications in construction and transportation area.

2) Driverless Car – Waymo (self-driving car)

Waymo, one of earliest Google X secret projects is self-driving cars. Such things you only hear in the movies becomes actually real. I remember a movie named ‘Eagle Eye‘ utilizing the concept of self-driving cars. Google X is working on Project Waymo that involves developing a technology for driverless cars with the main objective to make the journey safe and easy for people.

Google Secret Projects

Something which most car manufacturing companies can’t achieve today. In 2015, the project completed its first driverless ride on public roads in Austin, Texas. With Google’s advanced navigation services, it is no wonder that their plans to make self-driving cars available to the public in 2020 will be successful.

3) Project Loon

Google is researching ways to bring the internet to undeveloped parts of the world. Project Loon is among the Google secret projects intended to make internet access available to everyone by creating an internet network of balloons flying through the stratosphere. Project Loon was launched under the guise of bringing connectivity to the underdeveloped areas around the World.

Google Secret Projects

Google has been flying the technology on new solar-powered helium balloons from a remote Nevada mining town. It uses wireless routers in the balloons that float at a height of 20 km (~12 miles) in the sky to broadcast all over the Earth. The project had been redacted in the public filings but was revealed after being responsible for several UFO sightings.

4) Space Elevators

Space Elevators, the name itself tells that it would be an elevator straight into Space. Sounds like an idea came from a sci-fi movie. But again with its secret facility, Google X has long been working secretly on this project, as the rumor says. The idea is to construct an elevator that runs from one station on the Earth to another station far beyond the Stratosphere.

Google Secret Projects

According to a researcher, building such type of elevator requires a strong material – a material that is 100 times stronger that the strongest steel. And that leads to the only element we know as far is the so-called Carbon Nanotubes. This giant Elevator was then eventually deemed unfeasible by Google X.

5) The Web Of Things

The Web Of Things is a way of connecting real-world objects to the Internet. Google X is currently developing a revolutionary network which would allow everything, from turning on your washing machine to finding out when the next bus is, just one tap away on any mobile device – no apps needed!

Google Secret Projects

So, these were the 5 Google secret projects we found interesting. If you think we missed anything compelling that you know, don’t mind to share it in the comments below. Also, share the post to your friends if you found it interesting to read.