How To Fix Your Teeth Like A Pro

Proper dental care is the gateway to a healthy oral life. A dentist visit is never a welcoming one as the excruciating agony in the oral cavity is never acceptable. To combat this problem and provide a life with healthy teeth, Onvi has launched Prophix toothbrush to fix your teeth like a pro. Prophix lets you see your oral health yourself, the toothbrush is the striking invention in the dental world.

The toothbrush has a ten MegaPixel camera which is present at the top of the brush. The camera captures the images of the oral cavity and you can see them over your phone. The brush is connected with your phone with the help of Bluetooth and wireless connectivity which lets you see the video over your device. Get ready to comprehend the oral health as the toothbrush gets hold of hidden location in your oral cavity. The device lets you capture a picture of the condition of your teeth and consult a dentist for further medications.

How To Fix Your Teeth Like A Pro - Prophix toothbrush

The Various Parts Of Prophix Includes:

  • A toothbrush which rotates inside the mouth to cleanse the oral cavity perfectly.
  • Intractable parts in your mouth can be reached by the mirror attached with the toothbrush.
  • The contours inside your mouth can be cleaned with the prophy cup.
  • Proper dental care is in your hands as the rubber tip attachment lets you massage and augment the flow of blood in your gums.
  • Removal of plaque is easily possible due to the presence of rubber Scaler attachment.

How To Fix Your Teeth Like A Pro - Prophix toothbrush (1)

Two striking features in Prophix are:

  • Keeping a track of your brushing routine that enables you to enhance your oral health and teeth conditions.
  • Advice that will help you to learn effective ways of brushing your teeth to fix your teeth like a pro.

Prophix will capture the mainstream market in the first one-fourth of 2017 at a retail price of US $399. Pre-order pricing is reduced by US $100 to US $299. Get a grab of the live Tooth Guardian Concept with the riveting experience of Prophix and become a pro to fix your oral ailments.