Fake TV

fake tv

Hey guy’s reviews hear from TechoBook and got a quick gadget review for you today this is called fake TV. And I stumbled upon it at CES this year I thought it was a really good idea so want to get my hands on one of these and test it out. What this does is it simulates a TV being left on in your house when it’s dark. So that way when you’re gone on vacation burglars will think you’re at home watching TV.

fake tv2

And what do you know looked a lot like it left the TV on inside my house. Now first of you can adjust the brightness by choosing how close you put the fake TV to the window. I put mine about six feet away from the small window here, and I think that’s just about the right brightness is actually sitting on the stand by my TV. So the different flashing light patterns definitely does a good job of getting that look of a TV being left on.

fake tv light

Let’s take a look at some of the other features and see if they are also as good. So you can see it’s a nice little plastic box it’s a little bigger than a GoPro in the case. It’s got twelve LED’s on their so we’re in the back. It’s gotta switch with four different positions, it’s got a light sensor and underneath is where you plug in the included AC adapter. So I actually really like the light sensor and timer, that way it doesn’t have to be on during the day and it doesn’t have to be on all the time, if you don’t want to keep. The four options on the back are off, it turns on for four hours after dusk, for seven hours after dusk or always on.

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and finally I wanted to test out the power usage of the device, so I have chipped my trusty watt meter and it used to between 0 and 2 watts so that’s really low. just for comparison usually a compact fluorescent light bulb uses about thirteen watts of power , and even some of the best LED bulbs you still use about five or six watts. And compared to using an actual TV it’s using far less power than my old Samsung TV here which is using about 200 to 225 watts. Now the price for the fake TV is not that cheap but to me it’s well worth it.

home security

If you factor in the price of a timer and the electricity to save not to mention your house been safe. Its safely under 50 dollars so to me it’s well worth it. I love to travel on vacation so have a good alarm system, but this’ll just provide a little extra deterrent.  Alright a link to the fake TV in the box down below.