Facebook will allow Videos over Profile Photos

facebook profile video

As the Facebook profile photo is necessary, the social network giant, Facebook will be releasing a new feature which will allow users to put a short 7 seconds video clip looped.  Facebook plans to add new features aiming to innovate and make your presence on the social network more attractive from the user’s point of view.

A new feature called profile video will soon be releasing by Facebook as an update to your main profile. You can add a meaning to your profile picture by adding short looping video. We are very curious about this new feature and cannot wait to get our hands on it as only a few people have got this feature. See the video below to see how it looks.

According to Facebook, the reason for this innovation lies in the fact that the profile image is the most important form of presentation. Thus, a video can tell a lot more than a simple photo. Facebook will simply call it as profile video, just like you say “profile photo”. The video profile can be a kind of GIF, users can show their fun side, their creativity, and originality among others.

The profile video can be seen by all people, friends or strangers, to visit the user’s profile. Such advancements to the profile will give people enough ways connect and express themselves. We can’t wait to see how people use them.