E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) – All You Need To Know About

Gaming enthusiasts and zealots wait for the mega event in the gaming world, Electronic Entertainment Expo, popularly known as E3, marking the trade fair for the contemporary and legendary game developers to showcase their video games. Occupying a lion’s share in the entertainment industry, video games have always been mesmerizing the public with its imaginative, sharply chiseled graphics, exuberating storylines and incessant updates that have magnetized the game lovers over the years.

E3 is considered as a reliable platform for the game developers and game craftsmen to exhibit their work as well as publicize their merchandise for promotional activities. So, to all the newbie who have not heard about Electronic Entertainment Expo as well as to the gaming enthusiasts, we will unveil the whole ball of wax about it by getting into the ‘When-What-How’ of it.

E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) All You Need To Know About

What is E3?

E3 or Electronic Entertainment Expo is a trade show and an exhibition in which profound game developers exhibit new video games, their trailers, and new announcements are made by the premiere honchos of the gaming industry. The conferences are telecasted live all across the nation as well as recorded for the future references.

The video gaming industry had gone through a foremost progression in the 20th century. It was during the 1991 CES show when the coordinators had put the tent of Video Gaming industry at the extreme end, thus reducing the priority of gaming industry in entertainment domain. The dilapidated tents provided by CES organizers led to the destruction of the Genesis system as rain trickled into it, which was the spark in the formation of E3.

Garnering one of the massive debuts, the trade fair gained immense popularity with time among the gaming lovers. Dealing with desktop, mobile and handheld devices’ games and their trade-show, E3 acts as the bridge for the brilliant gamers for exhibiting their products. It has been successful in catering publicity to the established and novice developers in the looming gaming market. Inspiring the domain of the interactive entertainment, E3 has become the lifeline for the game developers and marketing managers in the field.

When is Electronic Entertainment Expo?

In 2016, E3 is hosted during 14th June to 16th June. It hosted a plethora of new releases, newbie entrants as well as the vital official meetings which set forward to improve the gaming experience of users.

Un-wrapping the pages of history, its debut was from 11th of May to 13th May in the year 1995. Hosted at Los Angeles, the fair was presided over by kernel speakers of the industry like Sega, Thomas Kalinske, Olaf Olafsson and Howard Lincoln. Nearly fifty thousand people attended the trade show as it marked the entry of future giants in the gaming industry like Sony.

Where is Electronic Entertainment Expo?

In the year 2016, the Los Angeles Convention Center hosted the mega-event of the gaming world. The trade show, gathering conglomerates of industrial tycoons and game developers alike, is set to achieve new records in terms of attendants this year. The official meetings take place on the second floor during stipulated duration in the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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Where Can I Watch E3?

The best place to watch it is the Los Angeles Convention Center. If you somehow miss the flight, you need not panic as you can enjoy live streaming on the official website of E3. The seminars can be caught up also on sites like IGN which broadcast it live on their website. Nintendo telecasts a recorded version of the meetings on IGN.

You can also catch up with entire 12 hours of E3 in the following link:

How can I get into Electronic Entertainment Expo?

Electronic Entertainment Expo is open to the media, analyst in the entertainment industry, gaming companies from more than hundred nations all across the world. Skilled professionals, revolutionary minds, and executives are welcome globally to attend the show. The trade show is an industry-only trade show which means that people who are engaged in the industry are welcome to attend it. People interested in attending the show need verification from ESA stating they bear a working relation with the gaming industry.

E3 of 2016 saw many major announcements which have elated the game-lovers all across. Microsoft declared publicly about the release of Xbox One S and Project Scorpio which are the two new consoles. Microsoft had stressed on the portability of the games as users will be able to play it from anywhere, from Windows desktop to your Xbox One.

List Of Games Released at E3 2016:

  • Absolver
  • Agents of Mayhem
  • Battlefield
  • Black the Fall
  • Corpse Party
  • Cuphead
  • Cryptark
  • Days Gone
  • Dead Rising 4
  • Detroit: Become Human

The conference of Sony at E3 2016 was the shortest which introduced a number of games along with the live orchestral performance being played during their exhibition. Keeping itself unique among its competitors is best known to Sony as its presentation was sublime. The God of War is supposed to undertake changes like the ability to play using third person camera, Norse Mythology is incorporated into the game. The game is open-ended which is stacked with more challenges and demons. The Last Guardian will be released by Sony on October 25, 2016. Other games which were exhibited by Sony include Horizon Hero Dawn, Detroit Become Human, Resident Evil Seven. Playstation VR shall be the released on October 13, 2016, in USA at $399 USD, excluding the Playstation camera and the move controllers which shall be announced soon.

It will have more than fifty games until the end of the year and three of those games were exhibited and a clear air of mystery evolves over Batman Arkham VR for which we have to wait till it is released. Another big announcement which grasped the audience was the introduction of Crash Bandicoot to PS4 with not one but three interesting games.

Check out the cinematic trailer of Days Gone:

Trailers of a large number of games were presented at E3 2016. You can catch up with the top 10 trailers on here:

Electronic Entertainment Expo is the ultimate exposure for every gaming enthusiast to boot up with the recent news of the gaming world. The exhibition promises to be the biggest event housing the resonating personalities and high-end gaming with fresh end technologies and new updates.