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How To Download Movies From Hotstar

Ever thought to download Movies and TV Shows from Hotstar? How to download Movies from Hotstar? Hotstar is probably known to most of us. It gives us the freedom to watch Movies and TV shows online anywhere for free on our mobile phones as well as browsers on the desktop. However, you can only stream

How To Enable File Extensions In Windows

Windows by default hides all file extensions to keep things easy and simple. This article is a short how to on enabling file extensions in windows so you can convert or change them. So what are these file extensions? Normally, PC files have two parts to their file names namely what the file is about

Top 5 Surface Pro 3 Features

Hello, everyone today we are going to be talking about some features of surface pro 3. Now you have all heard so many amazing things about this device. The surface pro 3 can do so many things we can’t possibly cover everything in one article, so that’s why we are going to show you our

How to disable Sticky keys in Windows

In Windows PC, when the Shift key is pressed 5 times in a row, windows will prompt you with a popup asking you whether you want to enable Sticky keys.   Suppose you wanted to use a combination of Ctrl+Alt+Del to bring up the Task manager where you normally hold all of the keys down