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5 Google Secret Projects That You Don’t Know

Skeptical about what Google is doing behind the curtains? If you think Google is just a big search engine then you are just another person who’s being oblivious to what happens in the outside world. Since the tech giant has grown a lot, there are some Google secret projects that you don’t know about. Here

How To Fix Your Teeth Like A Pro

Proper dental care is the gateway to a healthy oral life. A dentist visit is never a welcoming one as the excruciating agony in the oral cavity is never acceptable. To combat this problem and provide a life with healthy teeth, Onvi has launched Prophix toothbrush to fix your teeth like a pro. Prophix lets you

Facebook will allow Videos over Profile Photos

As the Facebook profile photo is necessary, the social network giant, Facebook will be releasing a new feature which will allow users to put a short 7 seconds video clip looped.  Facebook plans to add new features aiming to innovate and make your presence on the social network more attractive from the user’s point of

SmartBand: The New Look of Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft Insider has just put his hands on something that many people were curious to find out about the Microsoft Band 2. As the images of this matter should no longer obvious, it is about nothing less than renderings of a smart band, showing that the handset comes with a very different appearance to what

Self-Destruct Chip From the Future

If you remember the movies like Mission Impossible, you probably have the idea of a chip that can self-destruct in seconds according to the timer set or controlled by a remote. But this time the same tech has now entered the realms of reality. The self-destructing chips are developed by Engineers from Xerox PARC that can explode into tiny little pieces. The