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7 Must Do’s Before you Jump into PPC Marketing

PPC or Pay Per Click marketing is booming in almost all the industries. Your boss must be telling you “let’s start PPC on Google, I heard, it’s pretty awesome.” Tell him Keep Calm & Do Plan. Here I am going to cover some of the interesting topics before you plan to jump into PPC marketing.

5 Google Secret Projects That You Don’t Know

Skeptical about what Google is doing behind the curtains? If you think Google is just a big search engine then you are just another person who’s being oblivious to what happens in the outside world. Since the tech giant has grown a lot, there are some Google secret projects that you don’t know about. Here

Facebook will allow Videos over Profile Photos

As the Facebook profile photo is necessary, the social network giant, Facebook will be releasing a new feature which will allow users to put a short 7 seconds video clip looped.  Facebook plans to add new features aiming to innovate and make your presence on the social network more attractive from the user’s point of

Mac Pro Review

This is a late 2013 early 2014 Mac Pro and yes it is very very small! See, this is a weird little desktop from Apple. So for the past decade or so, Apple has been slowly moving away from the pro-market. From there software, all the way through their hardware. PC sales have been slowing

10 Future Predictions that went WRONG

You know you think we have time machines by now. So people have always predicted with what the future’s going to look like it’s something that’s just really interested people for a long time which is probably why is a new Hollywood movie that takes place in the future every couple months. But interestingly a

10 Sci-Fi Technologies That Actually EXIST!

Science fiction is a genre that’s popular with millions of people across the world and that’s because it transports us to a place that just way more interesting than real life and a big part of that are the characters in the story line of course but in equally big parties the futuristic technology that

Turn Your Phone Into A Universal Translator

Whether you are traveling to Germany or Tokyo or any other place, you will ran into some situations in which English isn’t acceptable. So, knowing a second language is extremely important for you. In some situations like job placement, learning a second language is essential. However, it may be that you have not yet achieved