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How To Download Movies From Hotstar

Ever thought to download Movies and TV Shows from Hotstar? How to download Movies from Hotstar? Hotstar is probably known to most of us. It gives us the freedom to watch Movies and TV shows online anywhere for free on our mobile phones as well as browsers on the desktop. However, you can only stream

How To Hide WhatsApp Notifications

Whatsapp has connected large groups of people and has formed the spider web in our daily life. With the increasing technological advancements, privacy has also become a person’s priority. Hiding status and display picture have become a trend in the progressive contemporary era. One such feature which we can make use of is to hide WhatsApp

How To Fix Your Teeth Like A Pro

Proper dental care is the gateway to a healthy oral life. A dentist visit is never a welcoming one as the excruciating agony in the oral cavity is never acceptable. To combat this problem and provide a life with healthy teeth, Onvi has launched Prophix toothbrush to fix your teeth like a pro. Prophix lets you

How to backup WhatsApp chat on Google Drive?

Yes, you read the title right. How to backup WhatsApp chat on Google Drive? This is one feature which many of the WhatsApp users, including me, were waiting for. You can now backup all your WhatsApp chats including the attachments and videos on Google Drive. A couple of months ago, WhatsApp did roll-out this feature as

How to remove my number from Truecaller?

Got a missed call from a number that you haven’t saved in your mobile phone and wondering whom the person was that called you? Ever thought if your name would come up on Truecaller if you call someone? Want to remove phone number from truecaller? Well, we all have got the answer to this issue

How To Download Movies From Utorrent

  I still remember the question that how my friends ask me about “How do I download movies from the internet?”. I simply suggest them to use torrents, but another question comes up in their mind is that “now, what is utorrent?” and “how to download movies from utorrent?”. Well, here comes the short story

How To Transfer Files From Mac to Mac

Today we’ll be seeing how to connect an Apple computer i.e. , a MAC to another one of Apple’s MACs so that you can have absolute control over the other MAC and can literally see what’s going on in the other MAC in real time and also control the other MAC like you’d control yours.

How To Download Facebook Videos

It is not difficult to wander through Facebook and find a funny video of a family or an unforgettable moment shared by the social network. The big problem, however, is that often we lose sight of the link between so many other publications, and is hard to find it to show friends again. To avoid

How To Root Android Phone

So you want to root your android phone? This guide will help you to root your android phone and understand what rooting is and what it is capable of. Before you jump on the process of rooting directly, please read the full guide especially if you are a newbie or not sure of any one

How To Download YouTube Videos On Android

We are here to show you how to download YouTube videos on Android very easy and free as well. we have many ways to download YouTube videos on your Android device. Here they are the 8 ways on how to download YouTube videos on Android. How To Download YouTube Videos On Android 1: Search for