Best Android Apps

best android apps

Hey guys welcome to TechoBook here we have a list of some of the best android apps for your smartphone. Let’s not waste time and jump right on it.

1: REC.


The first app on our list is the REC. Rec is a screen recording app that allows you to record the screen of your phone. You have to be rooted in order to use this app, you can easily record what you do on your phone. But on the free version you are limited to 5 minutes of video without the audio and 30 sec of video with the audio. This app comes very handy if you want to record something quickly like video calls, audio calls, or YouTube videos for later access.

Simply launch the app select the bitrate of the video, select the duration of the video, select if you want your video to be played with the audio and a given file name. Simply tap on the record button after that and start recording. Once done the recorded files are saved on your rec folder.

Back to the app, you have the slider menu for restoring the defaults of this pre-set. You have options for upgrading, settings and about this app and the developer. On the settings menu we have the options for choosing when to ask for the root access. You have the options for the recording countdown you can choose whether to show touches or whether not to show the touches while recording and minimize your options notifications and other recording options.

Download REC.

2: The Cleaner

d19e61de260dbf0692d4753563990805 The-Cleaner the-cleaner-ottima-app-gratuita-per-tenere-pu-L-PtyDvM

The next one is the cleaner. The cleaner is the simple app that cleans your memory and storage of your android phones. As we all know when we use different apps on our phone a lot of unwanted files takes up the storage memory of our phone. We even have a lot of unwanted apps running on the background. With this app you can clean the memory and clear the junk files on your storage with an ease.

With a very simple UI you have to choose between the clearing the memory and the storage. Tap on the circle where to analyse and tap clean. You can go to settings to choose where to scan your phone and choose between different themes. Let’s apply one of them and see. The only thing lacking on this app is a widget. If we had a widget like on the cleaner master it would be very easy to clean your memory without launching the app. Apart from that a very simple and easy app and it really works great.

Download The Cleaner

3: N7 Player

n7 player

The next one is N7 Player. It’s another great way to experience music. If you are bored from the stock music app, N7 player is right for you. A unique media player for any android device. When you start this app, you get a very stylish artist list. Where you have to pinch to zoom in for the artist album and tap on the album to view their songs and also tap on the song to play it. You can do the same with genres too. Zoom in to your favourite genre and tap on the album. To view all the songs details tap on the music icon, and browse through all the music folders, playlist and customize the view.

Another cool feature of this app is that you also can add the equalizers. Which is very cool in our opinion. As most of the stock music app don’t have equalisers with them. You can also download the album arts that are missing and you also can set a sleep timer on this music player. On settings, you have extra options for playback, headsets, your library, album arts, lock screen and appearance. So the lock screen option here is you will get a widget on your lock screen. So that is really cool, great music player here.

Download N7 Player

4: Solo Weather

solo weather

The next is the solo weather. Solo is the stylish weather app, but this app is still in a better phase that comes with the very stylish widget and the weather app. First, let us talk about the app itself. Here we will get the current temperature of the cities that were saved. Below that we will have the forecast for the next 5 days, below that we have a chart showing us the rise and fall of the maximum temperature. After that we have the information about the wind and glasiour, sunrise and sunset.

To update the weather simply pull down and to add different cities, simply tap on the add button and type your city name or tap on the GPS icon. To find weather of the current location you can tap and edit the saved cities. From the settings menu, you have options for widgets, units, automatic updates or manual updates, update interval and so on.

Moving on to the widget, we have a very cool and a stylish widget, with current date, time and the location on the left and weather on the right. Tapping on the time will take it to our default clock app and tapping on the weather brings the solo weather app. we also get the widget of this app on the login screen that looks really nice. So a very cool weather app with a very cool widget, a very handy if you are travelling.

Download Solo Weather

5: ES File Explorer

es file explorer

The next one is ES File Explorer. This application is the best file manager, application manager and cloud service client for any android smartphone. This app is really easy to use plus its rally easy to view all the files and folders that are available on your phone memory, as well as external memory. You even can access your cloud storage. You can create your files and folders, copy them, move them to different locations, hide them and even compress or extract them.

This app comes with inbuilt compress for your files and extractor for your compressed files, Like zip files, RAR files etc. meaning with this app installed on your phone you will not be needing any other applications for your compressed files. You can share your files directly through this app to different social media, Bluetooth devices and others. This app even supports gestures. To add a new gesture simply tap on the fast access menu, tap on gesture, select action and define gesture for your action. Now you can draw that gesture to perform the given action.

You have other options like app manager where you can manage the apps that are installed on your phone, your download manager and so on. You can even choose theme for your file explorer and customise your app in the settings menu. This app also gives you access to the system files, so if you are into rooting and custom roms this has must have a file manager like this.

Download ES File Explorer

6: 12Hours


The next app is 12Hhours. 12Hhours is a widget app that brings a very fancy and customisable clock widget to your home screen. You get this cool widget showing you the current time of your location. And if you tap on it you get so called todays view based on hours. You can slide down for a whole 24-hour view and slide left for tomorrow and right for yesterday.

From options, you can create events, search events and choose calendars to display. From the settings menu you can sink your calendars from different email accounts. Add different accounts and on general settings, you have different options, widget and notification.

Back to the app, we have mails settings for the default account. We have got styles settings for gradient, inner and outer intensity for gradient as well as different colour pallet. From extras, we can choose any app to start when we press the centre of the widget. So guys we have found the concept of this widget very cool. So we included this app on our list.

Download 12Hours

7: Udemy


The next one is Udemy. Udemy is a learning app that lets you learn your courses a right from your phone. This app is very handy if you are a student. As your phone is always with you and it is not always possible to carry your course book with you. You will have to sign up for this app before you use it. After you have signed up for this app, you can discover courses based on your desired topic.

This app comes with its own store for various courses. You can tap on the discover courses icon to explore the courses on its own store. Here we have three different tabs on sale, new and categories. On the on sale tab, we get different courses with a discount. On the new tab, we can see the new courses added on the store. And on the category you can choose between different category or simply make a search by tapping there.

You also have the slider menu for viewing the courses you are currently enrolling, discovering more courses and settings. On settings, we have options for the app like order starting the lecture, continuing from the last sink point and so on. So it’s very handy app for students.

Download Udemy

8: You Snap

you snap

The next one here is you snap. The you snap is a camera app that let you takes photos and edit them right away. Once you start this app, you have a camera interface to take pictures and edit them instantly. Or to edit the saved pictures or the pictures from the default camera app. You can get the regular options for your flash and rest settings for resolution, image correction options etc.

Now let’s take a picture and see what this app is all about. As you can see the app automatically detects the picture and crops it. You can undo the cropping by tapping and also you can crop it manually. Once done you can go on to the effects section and choose between different effects like high contrasts and moderate. And then you can save your image by tapping lover-right button. To share and save the documents in pdf format you will have to upgrade to pro version. So it’s get the ability to convert jpeg files into pdf files are really cool add-on to this camera app i would say.

Download You Snap

9: Shush


The next is Shush. Shush puts your device in silent mode or vibration mode whenever it’s unlocked or say whenever the screen is turned on. You don’t need loud ringtone or alerts to notify you about any calls or texts when you are using your phone or when you are looking at your phone. So with this app whenever your screen is turned on or whenever your phone is unlocked, your phone is on the silent mode or the vibration mode.

As soon as u lock your phone or keep it away or say when the screen is turned off, the phone gets back to the normal mode. So whenever you are using your phone your notification are silent and that’s what this app does. On the app you have options to turn on or off the Shush. Run in foreground if your device is slow on running memory and vibrate instead of silent, which makes your phone vibrate whenever your screen is on and you receive a notification.

You can also disable this feature while using several apps, you can select the apps by tapping and choose the apps to run on the normal profile. Say i want my phone to ring or alert while using a polo music player, i simply check on the polo music player and my phone will ring or vibrate while using this app. so it’s very handy and functional application.

Download Sush

10: Photoshop Express

photoshop express

The next one is Photoshop Express. It’s a photo editing app from adobe. With this app you can create and edit your photos. In other words, you can give a professional touch to your pictures if you are good with editing. When you start the app, you get three different options to choose photos from. One is adobe revel, second is adobe’s own cloud service, which allows you to sign in and upload and edit your pictures into private albums. So that you can share or view them in any other phone or computer by signing in.

So this is a very cool add-on. Lastly you can take pictures from your camera or you can select any picture from the gallery. So let’s choose a picture and here we have options to go back, undo the changes, auto enhance the picture, and see the original picture. Next to that, we have options to share or save to the gallery as well as different other options. Below that we have effects for looks like normal, vibrant, autumn or spring. We also have options to resize, rotate flip or crop the image.

We have settings for exposure and contrast and we have red eye reduction options as well. And you can always see the original picture by tapping on the left button at the top. so you can differentiate the original picture and the edited picture. This is a very simple and easy photo editing application if you just want to enhance your pictures, or do some correction with lightning.

Download Photoshop Express

11: EvolveSMS

evolve sms

The next one is EvolveSMS. It is a messaging app that brings android 4.4 kitkat style messaging app to your phone. If you are ever bored of your stock messaging app and want to change or if you like the messaging app on the stock android kitkat you can try this app out. So the UI here is very simple you can search through your messages and create a new message. From the settings menu you can customize your look and feel of this app from this theme option.

You can also download themes of ios, or android. you have got notification settings, mms settings, security settings and advanced settings for advance options. So guys if you don’t like using the sms integration on your Google hangouts then you can basically use this app to get the same UI but not the hangout integration.

Download EvolveSMS

12: iFont


The last one is iFont. Basically this app helps you to change the font on your phone. Actually the whole system font. but you need to be rooted to use this app. Once you open this app, you get options to choose the language first. So it’s good to have other language options too, let us choose English. Now you can see there you will have list of all the available fonts, great looking fonts and this app always gets an update with all the new fonts. Choose the one you like and hit download. Once the download is done, hit set and reboot. Now you have this new font.

So guys there a lot other apps at Playstore but for us these app works really great, works the best and lot of other android devices do. So give it a try guys.

Download iFont