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panoramic photography

There are moments in life that you never want to forget. When you take a picture, you know the place, the people around you the landscape and the details. A couple of days later, and you will forget most of it. A couple of years later, and you probably can’t even remember where the photo was taken. Your memory is gone.

panoramic view

Wouldn’t it be great to have a camera that captures everything you experience with your friends and family and that let you and your friends re-experience those moments later?
When you spend time with your mates and loved ones wouldn’t it be great to be able to relive the atmosphere of that day?
When someone you love creates something great, wouldn’t it be nice to discover things that you hadn’t even noticed when you took a photo?

ball camera

A Panoramic Ball Camera that can do exactly these things. It captures everything in every direction all at once and it has a super high resolution of 72 Megapixels. It uses 36 tiny but powerful cameras that fire all at once. You just throw it into the air and the highest point, when it is barely moving, it captures a fully spherical panoramic image, automatically.
To view the images you simply point the smart phone or tablet in the direction you want do see and move it around.

360 camera

They build the original prototype 2 years ago. Back then it was called “Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera”. They put a video of it on YouTube that was viewed nearly 3 and a half million times. They got a lot of great press coverage, but most importantly They got thousands of emails from people wanting to buy the ball camera. At that time and in that form, it was too expensive for mass production.

360 degree camera

So they sat down to develop a new ball camera, that is small, affordable and producible. They worked hard on the new design. They call it the Panono Camera. The ball camera is tough, so you can throw it in the air and drop it on occasion.

Camera 360

There are several easy ways to use it. Firstly ofcourse by throwing it, but you can also put it on a stick and hold it into the air or simply hold it in your hand and press a button to make a picture. All the panoramic images in this Website were shot with the prototype.The new design will have the same functionality but is much smaller and tougher.

3d camera

People were very much impressed by the 360° concept You catch the moment with all the things around you. Now everybody can discover the whole situation. People support the team to ensure a seamless process from the original idea to the finished series product.

They have a working prototype and a great new design and with people’s help, they can finish the development and manufacture of the ball camera by September.
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