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7 Must Do’s Before you Jump into PPC Marketing

PPC or Pay Per Click marketing is booming in almost all the industries. Your boss must be telling you “let’s start PPC on Google, I heard, it’s pretty awesome.” Tell him Keep Calm & Do Plan. Here I am going to cover some of the interesting topics before you plan to jump into PPC marketing.

WhatsApp for Android now supports Quote in messages

WhatsApp has rolled in multiple new features recently. It has made possible sharing documents, increased the security of conversations by making it end to end encrypted. It sees no stopping as it looks forward to make video calling over WhatsApp a reality. In the recent beta version of the application, WhatsApp put forward its new

How To Hide WhatsApp Notifications

Whatsapp has connected large groups of people and has formed the spider web in our daily life. With the increasing technological advancements, privacy has also become a person’s priority. Hiding status and display picture have become a trend in the progressive contemporary era. One such feature which we can make use of is to hide WhatsApp

How To Fix Your Teeth Like A Pro

Proper dental care is the gateway to a healthy oral life. A dentist visit is never a welcoming one as the excruciating agony in the oral cavity is never acceptable. To combat this problem and provide a life with healthy teeth, Onvi has launched Prophix toothbrush to fix your teeth like a pro. Prophix lets you

Qualcomm Quick Charge, How Does It Works?

The feature Quick Charge by Qualcomm is already well known to most of the public – even for some manufacturers to sell under other names, such as the Turbo Charger by Motorola. Promising to make battery recharges quicker. For 2015, the Qualcomm is bringing the news with Quick Charge version 3.0, which will be commercially