Apple’s WWDC 2016 Announcements Promises To Bring Eventful Changes

WWDC 2016 (Worldwide Developer’s Conference) saw Apple coming out with additive announcements stating improvements to the operating systems for Mac, iPhone, TV, and Watch. The conference stated up to advance the services of iMessage and Siri to a number of developers. Other announcements included the inception of Siri in desktop, Apple Pay on Safari. Listing of the new designs includes notifications, lock screen mechanism. Apple Watch will be having a quicker command center which will increase the efficiency of the device.

WWDC 2016

Here is a list of few of the disclosures at WWDC 2016 out of the many looking forward to bring eventful changes:

  • Sierra is the new OS X whose beta version will be made public in July this year. This will ensure the existence of portability of operations over the various Apple devices.
  • Universal Clipboard, as the name says, lets you copy contents from one device and paste it over a large number of Apple devices.
  • iCloud drive lets you access the cloud from different Apple devices and carry your data along with you.
  • Sierra will be the inlet for Siri on your desktop thus taking voice commands from you to search files, open applications, and many other tasks.
  • Introduction of Apple Pay for transferring payments using Safari and extending to nations like Switzerland, Hong Kong, and France.
  • Wonderful updates and added features in Apple watch which look forward to augmenting its functionality and speed.
  • Introduction of Scribble keyboard in two languages: English and Chinese, the feature of SOS which involuntarily calls 911 during emergency situations.
  • International syncing of the emergency numbers is enabled which means the emergency number of your current nations shall be updated and called.
  • Launching of fitness and meditation app, “Breathe.”

The countdown has begun and it’s our turn to wait anxiously to enjoy the improvements, updates, and newly launched products on the first go at WWDC 2016. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!