A Huge Drone Supporting 150KG With A Person


You might have seen some of the drones that carries a few KGs of weight but a drone that is able to handle 150 kilograms of weight with a person sitting inside is way too cool. Think of it like you are flying a mini chopper in your backyard and it sounds totally amazing, isn’t it? A guy decided to build a vehicle version of super-sized drones.

A video named ‘The Swarm Manned Aerial Vehicle Multirotor Super Drone Flying’ shows the drone flying on YouTube.

There are 54 counter-rotation propellers. The take off can handle about 148 KG of weight including the pilot and it requires 22KW of approximate power supply. It is an electric vehicle so no fuel is required to take off. You might have thought that you were watching a modern variation of the writebrothers footage.

User gasturbine11, who posted the “toy”, said the journey cost him 6000 pounds and confirms that it does not intend to go out flying by UK skies, but having a little fun for himself.” As the video demonstrates, the vehicle still needs to be greatly improved. He takes off for a few seconds, but it does not go higher most of the time and seems quite out of control. Of course, the amount of weight is a big problem, but certainly inventor’s dream was succeeded.