7 certifications that will propel you to newer heights in your IT career

The growth of IT sector has been exponential and thus it has led to the creation of a multitude of employment opportunities. More and more people are becoming accustomed to IT business as they wish to benefit from the offerings that IT industry entails.

Since it packs a multitude of opportunities, the industry is full of diverse portfolio of experts. On one side you social media marketers, content writers, on the other you have developers, those who manage networks, and designers. What are your odds of standing out? This article puts you right in the business as we are here to guide you with certain certifications.

1.      CISSP

Certified Information System Security Professional or as more commonly known as CISSP which is issued by (ISC)2 authority. The goal this certificate entails is that it lets the candidate have all the right means of handling data security systems and all the relevant procedures.

This certification’s demand is high and is the best one out there. In order to qualify for this certification, you ought to have 5 years of experience. As soon as your certification is completed, you are able to launch yourself in the bracket of $73k–119k.

2.      CompTIA+

If you are a beginner in the domain of information security. Also if you are looking for job opportunities to commence your career then this is the course for you. The said certification will develop skills for corporate systems and will give you protection from hackers.

The course packs the basics of information securities and is not concerned with any software in particular. With this certification in your pocket (figuratively speaking), you will have access to jobs globally. Your salary will be close to $86k.

3.      ITIL

Easily the most renowned frameworks of the ITSM (IT Service Management), it serves as the foundation for many organizations. The said course is also responsible for setting certain benchmarks in organizations that have turned out to be trendsetters.

There are different levels of ITIL certification and will mainly base on your level of expertise. The ITIL Foundation training course called ITIL Foundation course is designated for the beginners. It is meant as step by step guide for beginners so that candidates are aware of ITIL v3.

Other elements that make up the course are Practitioner, Intermediate, Expert and Master’s level. The same certification is also utilized in training managers and for the people in other leadership roles. Once you are through with the said certification, you can easily earn up to 95k.

4.      PMP

The famous Project Management Professional (PMP) certification which helps you gain edge in your IT career. As you may be aware that most of the information technology work is project based. Therefore, if you have skills as a project manager, you are invariably the greatest asset to the company.

It is also because as much as management skills are in demand, so are technical know-how. As a project manager, you will then be able to manage projects on time as well as within the assigned budget. Once you are PMP qualified you can earn well around $92k.

5.      CISA

CISA stands for Certified Information Systems Auditor. It dates back to the 1970s when the said certification was introduced and it just happens to be relevant even today. This certification is especially relevant to those individuals wish to monitor, audit and control IT systems.

So if your job description entails any of the above, you should go for the said certification. Look for help with buy dissertation online. In addition, by the time when you have completed the course, you would have gained ample information on how to make amends on policies to comply with the fresh governing principles in the market.

During this time you will also be in a position to address any shortcomings that result in the practices. Becoming CISA qualified makes you earn close to $122k but that is not the guarantee. Every salary bracket mentioned or figure quoted depend upon variables such as experience in the industry, negotiation skills, and overall qualification among other things.

6.      Big Data Analytics

Another important tool in the grand scheme of things because it carries critical application for the business. With BDA certification you can gather and ascertain different sets of information which will prove to be advantageous for the firm in the longer run.

The add-on of Big Data Analytics is, that it can manage huge data size very easily especially for the businesses which are big corporations or conglomerates but its use is equally important, even for small to medium sized enterprises.

The beauty of BDA can be understood from the fact that it enables organizations to find answers to business related questions as well as provide you with means to seek expansion. If you are BDA certified, you become a highly valuable resource for the firm as you then become capable of solving and evaluating info from large dataset.

7.      TOGAF – The Open Group Architecture Framework

Have you heard of Fortune 500 companies? Okay so you have, but did you hear they are always on the lookout for TOGAF specialists? This you haven’t, no surprise there because many of us haven’t.Holdersof this prestigious certification are called enterprise architects.

For those of you who don’t what it does, it actually is a framework that is used to simplify intricate tools being utilized in enterprise architecture. These certified specialists are paid considerably higher as opposed to those who aren’t TOGAF qualified.


In conclusion

Above are few of the certifications that are a surefire way of propelling your career to new heights should you consider working in the IT industry or are currently employed in the sector and feel stagnant in the role. These certificates cost a fortune because, the higher the investment, greater the returns.

Author bio: XYZ is a tech geek and has worked extensively in the IT field in the past. You can get in touch with him by following him on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.