7 Basic Plugins to use in a Static Website

You are creating a brand new website for you or your client. As you are not well aware of PHP or JAVA Script you ended up creating a site with lots of plugins. Do You Know, more plugins makes your site load slower.

That’s why today I am going to discuss how least wanted plugins are required in a Static Website.

  1. Yoast SEO

Aside from having a 4.5/5 rating, this plugin is the go-to for WordPress site users. It’s It’s easy to use and has features for all different aspects of SEO, making it a holistic and thorough resource for site improvement. It also makes it easy to write Meta titles and descriptions as well as see a preview of your rich snippets.

2. Add To Any

The AddToAny Share Buttons WordPress Plugin was, until recently, vulnerable to a DOM-based cross-site scripting issue. The file in question is hosted on the author’s site, so you’re not vulnerable anymore (you’re welcome). If you just want the vulnerability details, go here. Now for the story of this bug.

This particular journey started with an email from XSSposed, a site intended to allow security researchers to responsibly report cross-site scripting issues in sites that don’t run formal bug bounty programs like those seen here. Having never heard of it before, I was immediately suspicious. I like the concept of bug bounties just fine, but I was a little surprised to learn that I had unknowingly opened one on my site.

3. Akismet Anti-spam

I recommend “Akismet”. It is a plugin that comes automatically inside of a WordPress installation. If you’re not running a small business website or commercial website, if you’re just running a personal blog or something like that, use of Akismet is free. However, for commercial ventures and for small businesses, there is a monthly fee for Akismet.

If you can imagine how much work we would have to go through to sort through this much spam to try and find the comments that we may actually wanted to keep, it would be a huge and a time consuming task. It’s well worth a little money every month in order to make sure that if you’re using comments, you actually get them.

4. Contact Form 7

You can use “tags” in several fields. Contact Form 7’s “tag” is formed string enclosed in square brackets [].

A tag used in form content is replaced by HTML form control element like <input> or <textarea>.

A tag used in mail template is replaced by user input of element with the same name.

5. Disqus Comment System

WordPress may come with its own comment section, but if you’re serious about presenting your users with a refined and professional experience, then it is highly recommended that you make use of Disqus. It’s easy to see that the comment hosting service is popular.  Not only is it featured on more websites than any other comment hosting service, it is also used by many prominent sites–from CNN to Wired and everything in between!  Disqus makes moderating comments easy while offering users a unified platform through which they can express themselves.  Here is a quick and practical guide to installing Disqus!

6. Insert Post Ads

A very simple advertising management plugin created by WPBeginner, it enables you to insert your ads within a post. The advertisements within posts are considered as the most effective because it gets the highest views and good for conversion.

This simple ad management plugin helps you to automatically insert ads after paragraphs of your post content. This saves you the hassle of manually entering ads in each of your posts.

7. WordPress Database Backup

WP DB Backup is yet another plugin that you have to access through the Tools tab. Although the developers have the main Settings page broken down into Tables, Backup Options and Scheduled Backups, the interface is a little too complex and messy for my taste.

You actually receive a nice feature to omit some of the tables from your database backup, but they really should put this in a separate tab for the beginners who will get far too intimidated by the table listings. Anyways, it’s important to mention that this is only a database backup, so I’m not a huge fan of a plugin that skips all of your site files. Other than that, you get to schedule the backup, download it to your computer and even send yourself an email with the files.