3D Printing Technology

3d printing technology

The 3D Printing Technology is going to be more popular these days. The 3D printers are already a reality. Unfortunately, the cost is still a bit prohibitive and the technology needs a lot of improvement to reach the homes of all of us. But the fact is that today, you can already download “objects” from the Internet and print them at home.

In the future, we expect that 3D printers can serve as true domestic factories of parts and objects for various purposes, ranging from toys to prosthetics that help children with disabilities to move around better.

1: How about printing your own home?

3d printing machine

There will come a time when the prefabs will gain a powerful ally: a 3D printer for large projects. Instead of preparing the house wall to wall, the device could print it as a whole, since the place where it will be installed.

2: Exoskeletons for accessibility


There are devices that help people overcome congenital conditions such as limit the movement of your arms. However, thanks to an innovative and competent medical staff found a solution: produce an exoskeleton for the arms with a 3D printer.

One of the biggest advantages of this solution is the fact that a part can be quickly replaced if broken. By not having to get in touch with suppliers and manufacturers, the process becomes much more responsive.

3: Printed blood vessels sugar

3d print

Calm, despite opinion, the idea of producing blood vessels from sugar did not come out of the pages of a book by Douglas Adams. And also in refuse to make any mention of diabetes humorous way. But the fact is that, for some time, scientists have been thinking about using 3D printers to build human organs and, apparently, the beginning of this idea is beginning to be printed.

Researchers sugar used in a 3D printer to create blood vessels, which may serve a day as a basis for the construction of human organs. These small “pipes” are sugar coated, subsequently, by a corn-based polymer, and then a set of cells is responsible for transforming these pipes in a living tissue, dissolving the sugar and reproducing printed around the blood vessels.

4: Double Fun: Print toys

3d printing

Playing with a 3D printer now seems fun enough. However, you can make this even more exciting if the object being printed is a toy or a doll of your favorite hero. 3D printer can create “universal connector” of building blocks.

One of the coolest ideas might be possible to create your own set of LEGO with little pieces that, if lost, can be easily replaced by yourself. But something even more fun is the ability to print connectors which allow the use of LEGO pieces competing with games like Double and Krinkles. With this, the Free Universal Construction Kit also opens up more room for creativity for adults and children.

But if you prefer something more geek like action figures of famous characters from movies and video games, you can be inspired by the video below, in which a 3D printer builds slowly, the bust of none other than Master Yoda.

5: Printers Print

3d printer

Remember the movie “Inception”? For something that happens here, in a way, is related to the main idea of the production. How about printing functional 3D printer?

Thus, each student ends up leaving school with its own 3D printer, and take home a software license that allows the modeling of new parts and objects to be printed.