15 Best Gaming Mouse of 2014

PC gamers know very well that, although it is not necessary to use special accessories to perform well in a game, a good mouse can make this process easier. Whether by design issues, sensitivity or even by the item weight, specialized products gain more space by the players around the world. We have selected 15 best gaming mouse if you game a lot.

best gaming mouse 2014

Taking this into consideration, this list includes some of the best gaming mouse available in stores today. Besides presenting models with varying prices, seek specialized display devices in different genres to cover a larger share of the audience.

We are unable to highlight all the quality models available in the market since the priority was to introduce more new products and that does not mean that older ones don’t have its quality. Also, try not to focus only on the top line models, so don’t be get surprised because of the lack of such products like Razer Ouroboros, the Corsair Vengeance M95, and Cooler Master’s Storm Recon.

List of Best Gaming Mouse 2014

1: Razer Naga 2014 – $79.99

Razer Naga 2014

Fans of MMOs probably know very well what the main feature of the Naga: a whole 12 side that provides quick access to different commands keys. In the latest version of the product, the manufacturer has adopted mechanical buttons and a slightly higher profile in relation to its earlier versions.

2: Corsair Vengeance M65 – $69.99

Corsair Vengeance M65

One of the most famous product in the history of Corsair, the M65 provides the essentials for a good gaming experience: comfort and precision. Developed thinking in the FPS genre, the gadget has eight programmable buttons, DPI settings dynamic system, adjustable weight and a versatile and intuitive software configuration.

3: Razer DeathAdder 2013 – $69.99

Razer DeathAdder 2013

Featuring a slightly curved design, the DeathAdder prey for simplicity – something that translates into a number of fairly basic buttons. Among the greatest qualities of the product are its speed and its quick response, which makes it a good choice both for basic tasks as to enjoy games of different styles.

4: Logitech G502 Core Proteus – $79.99

Logitech G502 Core Proteus

While not specializing in any genre, G502 Core Proteus adapts very well to FPS games, RTS, MMO or any other style you want to enjoy. Thanks to a comfortable format, 11 programmable buttons with generous size and a software that lets you create custom titles for each of the profiles installed on your machine.

5: Mad Catz R.A.T. 9 – $149.99

Mad Catz R.A.T. 9

Anyone looking for a truly “premium” experience need not look beyond the R.A.T. 9 With flashy design, the product features two interchangeable batteries, an external charger and various kinds of options side stand. Moreover, it is possible to change the weight, width, and the button layout of the device, and use four fully customizable profiles DPI. This is the best gaming mouse ever build.

6: E-3Lue Cobra Type-M – $15.99

E-3Lue Cobra Type-M

If you do not find a top mouse line accompanied by a famous brand, but by no means settle for common devices, the Cobra Type-M may be the solution. Relatively inexpensive, the device has three options DPI and two side buttons – although this is not much compared to the other items on this list, the price of peripheral compensates his lack of versatility.

7: Roccat Kova – $49.99

Roccat Kova

One of the best options for left-handed users, the Kova features seven programmable buttons, a software that allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the device and an audio system that confirms the exchange of different usage profiles. Besides, those who likes to use customized products are available to seven options for lighting LEDs.

8: Razer Taipan – $$79.99

Razer Taipan

If you have a Mac, the options available for the platform mice did not show as complete – although most devices on the market to run smoothly, often the same does not happen with their software. And it is precisely in this regard that the Taipan stands out: in addition to presenting a comfortable ambidextrous design, the device software works smoothly on Apple platforms, not restricted to them alone.

9: SteelSeries Sensei Wireless – $159.99

SteelSeries Sensei Wireless

Accompanied by a recharging dock that indicates the amount of battery accessory, Wireless Sensei is a great option for those who do not want to have to be dealing with wires. Featuring an ambidextrous design, the mouse in no time suffers from the problems of lag and the lost command so common accessories with the wireless features. Obviously, all this quality is reflected in a price that is not exactly affordable to most consumers.

10: Roccat Lua- $29.99

Roccat Lua

Who does not care about extra buttons and many programmable features, the Roccat Lua is an excellent choice. With a comfortable deceptive design, the accessory features a solid performance, combined with an affordable price, which will hardly disappoint you.

11: Thermaltake Level 10 M Hybrid – £99.99

Thermaltake Level 10 M Hybrid

Although it seems more relevant to participate in a movie ‘Transformers’ than to rest in your hands, the Level 10 M series should not be overlook by anyone who takes games seriously. The accessory can be used as both wirelessly connected by a cable of 1.8 meters, with a battery with 15 hours duration, a system of internal cooling and 9 programmable macro keys.

12: Cooler Master Storm Inferno – $65.99

Cooler Master Storm Inferno

With a compact design that adapts well to almost any hand size, the Storm Inferno is a product for those who do not want to worry about un-important details. With a 4000 DPI sensor, the mouse is compatible with Storm Tactics Multiplier Keys system, which guarantees 32 additional virtual buttons for those who really like to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the product.

13: Logitech G700S – $99.99

Logitech G700S

Capable of running wired or wireless, Logitech G700S has an internal rechargeable battery and maximum sensitivity of 8200 DPI. The device also has a scrolling mode that ensures greater precision to your movements and a total of 13 programmable user controls.

14: EVGA X10 Torq – $119.99

EVGA X10 Torq

Made of high quality materials, the Torq X10 has a sensor that works with sensitivity up to 8200 DPI, a system of adjustable weight, nine fully programmable buttons. You can also make adjustments in the height of the body of the device whose useful life exceeds 20 million clicks.

15: Team Scorpion G-Reaver – $29.99

Team Scorpion G-Reaver

Those looking for an ergonomic option and do not want to spend much to acquire a quality player must pay attention to the G-Reaver. Although the gadget is not accompanied by an exactly reputable name, its comfortable design and adjustable DPI system is showing a good option both for games and for performing everyday tasks.

If you have noticed that any accessory you prefer stayed out of our selection, enjoy our comments section to talk about it.