10 Sci-Fi Technologies That Actually EXIST!

Science Technology

Science fiction is a genre that’s popular with millions of people across the world and that’s because it transports us to a place that just way more interesting than real life and a big part of that are the characters in the story line of course but in equally big parties the futuristic technology that in the story. But a lot of people never stop to consider whether some of these technologies might actually exist in. Believe it or not, more than a few of them actually do. So this week I wanted to share with you some amazing Sci-Fi Tech that isn’t so fictional so here they are 10 sci-fi technologies that actually exist.

1: Smart Contact Lenses

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Just one more step to what will probably end up just being biotic. Google has developed a smart contact lens, the lenses which will be available to consumers within the next five years are huge deal diabetics will no longer have to print their fingers five to ten times a day. These lenses measure your glucose level simply by being on your eye. But the really cool thing about them are their potential.

They’ve already developed the wearable computer Google glass so it’s logical that is just a matter of time before they’re able to merge the two technologies. It’s just kind of unfortunate that Google owns yet another piece of technology that could potentially track you I mean they already know what websites you can go on.

2: Modumetal

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Modumetal is a new age metal that is close to be ever come to having adamantium, the indestructible supermodel found in Wolverine skeleton. This metal laminated alloy is lighter and stronger than steel and is virtually indestructible. It’s a ground-breaking technology that’s already begun to replace traditional models in things like military armor but has almost limitless other uses. It is believed that this metal will eventually be in cars, planes, buildings, bridges in pretty much anywhere else that requires traditional steel.

3: Bio-luminescent Light


A company called the Yonder Biology has created something that looks like it’s straight out of the movie Avatar. The Dinal pad as they call it, is a container shaped like a dinosaur that’s full if bio-luminescent algae. The algae absorbing light energy during the day and glow with a brilliantly neon light at night. What’s interesting is if these algae have always existed specifically in the luminous lagoon in Jamaica but these guys were brilliant enough to turn it into something that you can buy to make your house look really cool.

4: Optical Camouflage

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Optical camouflage better known as an invisibility cloak doesn’t rely on magic but instead is a very real technology. The way that works is by using Augmented Reality technology, it bends light around the subject wherein the material making them appear virtually invisible to anyone looking at them. It doesn’t make you completely invisible like in the movies but instead gives you a highly translucent look. It’s quite a complex process and the real-life applications are still being tested by everyone can agree, this is really cool.

5: 3D Printing

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By now most of us have heard 3d printers which are those printers that can print nearly any size or shape of 3d object from a virtual model but what might not know is how far they’ve already come. On top of being able to print objects using plastic glass and metal, these machines are now capable of printing fully edible food like mashed potatoes and chocolate and even living cells.

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There’s even a company called boots industries that develops a self-replicating 3d printer yeah as in a machine that can create copies of itself. Self-replicating machines! That sounds like a good idea, yay a printable pizza.

6: Self-Driving Cars

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Google’s self-driving cars been a reality for a while in California however they still unavailable for commercial use. Unlike in the United Arab Emirates where they’ve had self-driving cars in commercial use since 2010. Developed by European company to get there, these fully autonomous cars are part of a growing project to create a city that runs on clean and renewable energy sources.

I really cannot wait until these replaces regular cars because there are a lot safer than some of you drive.

7: Universal Translator

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The universal translator from star trek, a real-life universal translator really does exist. The signal Voice Translator is a little device that you simply speak into in one language and repeats your sentence in another chosen language. It can translate your speech into more than 25 different languages and is so advanced that it can actually translate what you meant not just what you’ve said.

And apparently it’s quite accurate with the translation which is fantastic because the last thing you want to trans speak mandarin in a Beijing restaurant when you really don’t understand the language in you end up ordering cat or something which I really don’t think they’d appreciate unless they actually served cat which in-case they bring to you.

8: Bionics

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Remember Luke Scott Walker’s mechanical arm from Star Wars will that technology now exists. Bionics is the term for the technology that merges biology in machinery. From a medical standpoint it means the replacement or enhancement organs or limbs by mechanical versions. In fact just this year a person named Dennis Sorensen was given a bionic arm that allowed him to feel the sensation of touch for the first time in nine years. 

9: The Password Pill

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If you hate entering passwords then this is for you if you are completely freaked out by. Motorola developed an edible authentication vitamin pill that one swallow turns you into a living breathing human password capable of unlocking all your devices. The way it works is that after swallowing it the digestive liquids in your stomach activate the pill. Once activated the pill starts emitting an 18-bit signal from your stomach that’s strong enough to be detected by computers and smart phones unlocking. Interestingly although Motorola has no immediate plans to release this to the public it is FDA approved so it could be at any time now. I know a lot if you’re going to be against the edible technology but at least it’s an oral pill I’m not a suppository.

10: Powered Armor

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Exoskeleton like those found in the movie alien have been around for a while but are used purely to enhance human endurance and strength not to flyer should weaponry until now. Powered armor also known as an exo-suit essentially makes the wearer a real-life Iron Man. As hinted by President Obama earlier this year America is in fact building a real-life Iron Man suit but further details are unknown at its top secret.

You know I have imagined that this issue unlike the movie version probably takes a long time to put on and take off so a practical question would be what happens when Iron Man has to go potty. Do the engineers building like a little flap or just Iron Man run the risk pooping in a billion-dollar metal suit.