10 Future Predictions that went WRONG

future predictions

You know you think we have time machines by now. So people have always predicted with what the future’s going to look like it’s something that’s just really interested people for a long time which is probably why is a new Hollywood movie that takes place in the future every couple months. But interestingly a lot of the predictions that took place back in the day were about the time that we live in right now. For example, remember back to the future? Well, they travel to October 21st 2015 which is just next year but it’s not just all movies, there’s a lot of documented predictions from the past about what our future will look like that are just like absolutely ridiculous. So I gather the Ten best or worse to share with you guys so here they are: 10 predictions about the future that were wrong.

1: Everyone Will Have Jetpacks

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In 1966, Reader’s Digest predicted a whole different world than what actually happened. Featured on the cover of the magazine is a painting by Fred Freeman showing life in the year 1999 with people in jet packs a dome climate control city and moving sidewalks. But to be honest with you I can’t really hate on him for having such a wild imagination at the time I mean that’s really all they had I looked at major world events in 1966 and there was a feminine India that’s about as exciting as a god it wasn’t exactly an exciting time to be alive.

2: Helicopters Will Replace Cars

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In 1951 mechanics illustrated published an article that predicted that helicopters would be a cheap motive transportation in the future that would replace cars. The prediction was based off an engineer’s theoretical designed in the nineteen thirties of a personal helicopter that could be sold to the average consumer there was only one small design fly in it which was that require human legs as landing gear. No wonder this thing never came to be I don’t even know how they took this guy seriously in the first place I mean clearly gets all design ideas from Fred Flintstone.

3: Flying Homes

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In 1966 the inventor, writer and TV host Arthur C Clarke predicted that we would have a flying homes by the year 2001. He believed that water pipes, drains and anything that would tie a home to the ground would be gone and now we would develop a compact powers are strong enough to make a home vertically mobile. Cool prediction except the biggest technological event in 2001 was iTunes was released and it’s now thirteen years later in the Windows version is still a buggy piece of crap so I’m guessing flying home are still a ways off.

4: Outer Space Factories


In 1983, scientists from the science and technology agency in Tokyo predicted that by the year 2010 that the her to be surrounded by orbiting factories and laboratories. The facilities were predicted to be capable of producing new pharmaceuticals alloys and other substances only possible in zero-gravity environment. I think what’s most disturbing about this is that his prediction is based on all the opinions of numerous government officials and university professors. Well Japan, you did get that one wrong but 1983 was the same year that you release the original NES and that just bring back all kinds a good memory though you get attached.

5: Gold Will Become Worthless

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In 1911, famously brilliant inventor Thomas Edison was quoted as saying that by the year 2011 that bars of gold will become as cheap and plentiful as bars of iron because we will have discovered the secret of transmuting metals by then. Well he was a little off because around that time actually hit a record high value. See this is a good example of why people shouldn’t speculate about things that they really don’t know anything about. He was an inventor not an economist so he knew nothing about it. That would be like me predicting the press have haircuts in the next 10 years I’d clearly don’t have any expertise in the area.

6: Colonization Of The Moon

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in 1958, NASA predicted that we would  have a permanent moon base for humans could survive by the year 2007. This was based off a project by the US Air Force called the lunettes project which was supposed to have a twenty one man underground air force base on the moon. They also envision a lunar Noah’s Ark where they could store human DNA to continue the human race if the earth wherever wiped. Scientists at NASA, I think it’s time we had a little talk about the birds and the bees. See you can’t grow a human just by having their DNA there’s some other stuff involved.

7: Underwater Cities

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In 1985, times Mills the organizer of the future world Expo in San Francisco predicted that we would be living in underwater cities in that it would happen soon. He said that this would be made possible by the creation and energy produced by laser fusion that with fuel entire underwater cities. You know what I noticed, why what was everybody obsessed with lasers in the 20th century maybe they could have focused on something a little more practical like their own fashion.

8: Elimination Of Letter C, X, Q

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In the year 1900, famous American civil engineer John Watkins predicted that by the year 2000 we would no longer use the letter C, X and Q in our everyday alphabet because they would become unnecessary. He believed that changes in mass communication as well as changes in the way that we fundamentally communicate with each other would render the letters useless. Well, he was wrong about that when he was pretty close I mean I do see the way that happen people spell some your tweets and Facebook status is look like a whole another language you know they have this crazy to think of spell check, use it 

9: Nuclear Powered Vacuums

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In 1955, Alex Liu president of the well-known loop back in company was quoted as saying that nuclear power vacuum cleaners would be reality within 10 years. Not only that, but he believe that nuclear power plant is above all kinds would be commonplace in households across America. Damn! this guy was so bad at predicting the location of a nuclear device I am surprise his last name isn’t bush.

10: The Collapse Of The Internet

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In 1995, Robert Metcalfe one of the cofounders of Ethernet was quoted in info world magazine as saying that the internet would soon explode in a spectacular fashion like a supernova in that in 1996 it would catastrophically collapse. He believed that the exponential growth for the internet could not possibly continue in that he was wrong he would eat his words.

Well he was a man of his word because just two years later at the 1997 international world wide web conference he took a printed copy of the article, put it in a blender with some liquid and drank it all. Okay, well first off ewww, secondly nobody literally expected you to eat your words dude. I wonder if you take everything this seriously. 

I think what we should take away from this experience is just to stop predicting with the futures gonna look like as you’re almost guaranteed to be wrong.