10 Awesome Ways to Promote Your Blog on Social Media

Have you written a stunning content to publish it on your blog? After posting it, what’s the next step? Are you thinking just posting a content to your blog will thrive massive traffic? Then you might be wrong! Every more than 1 Million stunning content are published on different blogs, but some go viral. What’s the secret that’s working behind a viral content? The truth is, there’s no secret behind this. The main thing you need to do is “promotion” or simply promote the content you create. How smartly you promote the content to get it viral is what it requires after publishing your content.

No doubt, there are different ways to promote a published content, but one way to get your content go viral is to promote blog on social media. Social Media Promotion is the key if you want your content to reach to many people. In this post, I will show you 10 different ways to promote your content smartly.

Promote Your Blog on Social Media

1) Be Present in Social Media in a Consistent Manner

Most of the bloggers create an account on more 1 or Social Media Platforms but they do not visit their profiles on a regular basis. This is a drawback of your performance while you are doing blogging. Sometimes for the work pressure, it cannot be possible to visit all Social Profiles but manage at least 2 profiles regularly. By doing this, your 2 profiles will be strong and your blog will get benefit from the profiles.

2) Use Proper Description Before You Paste a Link

Sometimes people share a link without proper description. This is a wrong way to promote content and bloggers will not get benefits by doing this. You must add a short description with the link what you want to promote.

3) Hashtag (#) your Targeted Followers on Twitter

I have more than 5000 followers on Twitter. But I know all followers are not my targeted audience. So you need to identify your targeted followers and hashtag them when you share a content on Twitter. It increases your returning visitors and also helps to increase new traffic.

Promote Your Blog on Social Media

4) Maintain Timing

It is true that you will not get benefits of sharing your content anytime on Social Media. If you want targeted US Traffic then perfect time to share your content between 8AM to 10AM EST, no matter in which corner of this world you live.

5) Use Eye-Catchy Images and Themes

Images describe the content but it should catch the eyeball of the audiences. So try to use attractive photos during the promotion on Social Platforms. It can help to generate massive traffic.

A nice and attractive theme can divert a lot of traffic from social media. To serve quality you need, begin with an outer look which can be done with the help of a nice theme. Sometimes your blog design also matters and you should pick a theme that suits your blog right away. I have used Thrive Themes and they are pretty good in my opinion. If you are on a WordPress Platform, do check out Thrive Themes Discount.

6) Follow Influencers

Always follow influencers’ Social profiles. By doing this you will get an idea how to work on Social Media. It helps you to grow the traffic for your blog.

7) Ask for sharing your content

Why you are shy to ask your followers/friends to share your content. Break your shyness and ask them to share your content. It can bring great benefits towards your blog.


8) Send a welcome message to the new followers with your blog URL

I have noticed this on Twitter that some of my following members have sent me a welcome message with their blog URLs when I follow them. I use this tricks and you never imagine that the returning visitors of my blog has been doubled than before.

9)  Sharing is Caring

If you think that you only promote your content, hashtag your followers and drive massive traffic then you are completely wrong. We never forget the term “sharing is caring”. So not just post your stuff also share others’ content.

10) Make a Professional Profile

You are a blogger. You should be focused to get maximum benefits from social media for your blog. So your profile matter lots. You need to make a complete professional profile on social platforms to drive massive traffic to your blog.

Final Words

Above were the 10 rules to promote your content on social media. Hope you find this article useful. Please share your valuable comment here.